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Khmer Cultural Night at Kep

Kep City – Even a time of meditation, peace and silence needs some fun. If you are in Kep this month or anywhere near such as Kampot, take a shower of cultural events. The Don Bosco Kep campus holds the weekly Cultural Night every Saturday at 7:30 PM with a traditional Cambodian meal, based, of course, in sea food, where crab is the main dish. Five traditional dances performed by Don Bosco students will give you an idea of the ancient civilizations of the Khmer.

Apsara in training.jpg

Don Bosco students train for the traditional and millennial Apsara dancing.

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Kep 2017 Sea Festival

Kep City – Kep Province will be the “center” of Cambodia this Christmas. The already annual Sea Festival has its place in the smallest but interesting province of the Southeast of Cambodia. Each year the coastal provinces host the program that attracts hundreds of visitors, traders and artists. The event will take place on December 22-24 and will be inaugurated by Samdech Hun Sen on Saturday, December 23.

Cambodian men playing at the mangroves

Local Cambodian men playing volleyball at the Kep mangroves.

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Khmer Language Learning Next Season at Don Bosco Kep

Dear all, we are near the opening of a new season of Don Bosco Kep Khmer Language Learning for foreigners based in the Kingdom of Cambodia. Kep Province is probably a great environment to learn Khmer:

  • It is an peaceful, beautiful, eco-friendly place with beaches, islands, hills, National Park, caves, pagodas, fisher villages, salt production, crabs and rice fields.
  • Studying at Don Bosco means to have the opportunity to practice with Cambodian young people and get the best Khmer Conversation from the most authentic Cambodian rural communities.


The classic course with the best Cambodian Language Study every created by Dr. Huffman. Get the book for the course. Get also a USB for audios of the lessons.

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Tour to Rabbit Island in Kep

Ticket Koh Tunsay

The price to visit Tunsay Island (Rabbit Island) at Kep Province, is just 7 USD as far as March 2016 in the public boat. You can buy the ticket at the counter of the Kep port a day before your excursion. The boat leaves at about 9:00. A good lunch has a prize of 5 USD. The boat returns at 16:00, but you can stay the night in a bungalow. A real wonderful place.

Going to Rabbit Island

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