passport       The Cambodian passport is issued to all Cambodian citizens and it has a validity of 10 years after the new biometric passport was introduced – it is a digital or electronic passport that contents biometric information of the citizen to be identified with digital technologies around the world. The passport is printed in Khmer, English and French languages and it costs around 100 US dollars, being one of the most expensive passports of the world so far, a situation that encourages illegal migration into countries like Thailand.

       Only Cambodian nationals can apply for a passport and they must prove they are Cambodians if they are children of Cambodian people, or one of the parents is Cambodian or the child was born in Cambodian soil.

       Foreigners can claim Cambodian nationality. It is a right of the Cambodian State to grant Cambodian nationality to a foreigner. The foreigner must apply for it and follow conditions stated by the Cambodian State:

  • By naturalization.
  • By marriage with a Cambodian person.

Read the Law on Cambodian Nationality in this PDF:

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