Don Bosco Khmer Language School

English: A poster bearing Khmer script in a sc...

English: A poster bearing Khmer script in a schoolhouse in Battambang, Cambodia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the last decade, Cambodia became an international destination. The tourist industry came to be one of the main sectors in a country with many archaeological and historical treasures of the ancient Khmer civilization in the Southeast Asia. At the same time, foreign investment is growing as there is more political and social stability, while Cambodia is more integrated in regional bodies like ASEAN.

The English language became also a lingua franca in the Kingdom, plus the use of other major languages like French, Chinese, Vietnamese and Thai.

It is out f discussion that every expatriate in Cambodia should learn some or all Khmer language to link themselves to the Cambodian social heart.

Talking Khmer language, even in basic bases, will open to you several doors in the Kingdom of Wonder.

If you stay for a short time, learning some Khmer can be a good opportunity to know more about the culture and identity of the country and you will have some knowledge of one of the most ancient living language.

The Don Bosco Khmer Language School is a service of the technical schools of Kep, both cities at the Cambodian sea side, over the Gulf of Siam.

The Don Bosco schools in Cambodia are charitable organizations aim to support children and young people from poverty to learn a skill. They were established in 1991, but Don Bosco began to operate at the Khmer refugee camps in Thailand throughout the 1980’s.

English: Group of webmaster of Social communic...

English: Group of webmaster of Social communication section of Don Bosco Sihanoukville , Cambodia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The objectives of the Don Bosco Khmer Language Schools in Sihanoukville and Kep is to teach Khmer language to foreigners based in these two Cambodian regions through the program of social communication and journalism sections.

Lessons use English as the lingua franca, but persons without English background are welcome to join, since Don Bosco applies a method of Khmer conversation.

You can have the opportunity to relate with the students of social communication in classes, who will show you the cultural identity and mentality of the Cambodians.

The school provides Internet wireless access, sport areas and a family atmosphere to welcome you.

Русский: ко акса кхмаэ

Русский: ко акса кхмаэ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

During the inscription you can schedule the most convenient time.

The fee is a support to the educational projects of Don Bosco in Cambodia. Welcome if you want to make a donation to the social communication and journalism program. More information, click here.


3 responses to “Don Bosco Khmer Language School”

  1. Don says :

    I am interested in a price list of courses offered. Essentially I am interested in learning the Cambodian alphabet and improving my accent. I have been living in a small village in Tbong Khmom Province for 15 years.

  2. rathanaem29 says :

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