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A Tale of Two Capitals: Hanoi and Hue

Culture, history and romance come together in a new spring package

HANOI & HUE, Vietnam (March 24, 2016) — The leading hotels in each of Vietnam’s most culturally profound destinations have come up with ‘A Capital Idea,’ a five-day, four-night exploration of cities that each reigned for a spell as the country’s capital.

       Hanoi was capital of Vietnam from 1010 to 1802, and has been since 1945. Hue was capital during the last imperial dynasty in Vietnam from 1802 to 1945.

The Noon Gate in Hue

The Noon Gate at the Citadel of Hue.

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Tour to Rabbit Island in Kep

Ticket Koh Tunsay

The price to visit Tunsay Island (Rabbit Island) at Kep Province, is just 7 USD as far as March 2016 in the public boat. You can buy the ticket at the counter of the Kep port a day before your excursion. The boat leaves at about 9:00. A good lunch has a prize of 5 USD. The boat returns at 16:00, but you can stay the night in a bungalow. A real wonderful place.

Going to Rabbit Island

When Tourism Becomes a Threat

As Globalization grows with optimistic numbers in every human sector – from technologies to communication and from economic [including the crisis] to the disappearance of geographical borders -, tourism is becoming also more and more global. It is easier in our time to plan the next holidays at the other side of the planet, as it was planning the same some decades ago to the other site of the county. Plane tickets’ cost have gone down as much as high technologies and the frontiers of our tiny planet came to be at the walking distance. In 2014 only 1.1 billion persons traveled around the world, according to the UNWTO World Tourism Barometer, with an increase of 4.5% over the previous year and it is estimated another jump of 4% in 2015. We are talking of numbers during an economic crisis period, so numbers will be much bigger in ‘better times’. Read More…

An E-Visa Complain

At the edge of the Tourist High Season, we start with the E-Visa and the need to be more effective. In general, the Cambodian E-Visa is the best of the South East Asia and it is really an example. Just don’t use intermediate agencies that would overcharge you. Please use exclusively the Government website: https://www.evisa.gov.kh/

As in any system, there will be always mistakes, system failures and misunderstanding. But it is important to work all the time to avoid it. A perfect complement could be the skill training of officers dealing with international visitors in airports, sea ports and land gates. They must speak at least a good level of English, while having experience in dealing with foreigners, using the electronic technologies and being kind. It will give a good image to Cambodia.

I got the following complain from a couple with a not good experience in their E-Visa experience. By sure, most people are happy with the service, but it is important to heard also those who are not happy in order to improve it: Read More…

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