Pradal serey programs this weekend

Phnom Penh. The four Cambodian channels – CTN, TV3, TV5 and Bayon – will transmit Saturday and Sunday 36 fight matches of Pradal serey. There were 11 matches yesterday, making 47 this weekend. The television broadcast of Pradal starts around 15:00, but CTN covers the night fights. Two foreign sportsmen will participate this time. Here the schedule for this weekend: Continue reading

Pradal results for last weekend

The following is the table of results of the Pradal matches of last weekend (May 21 and 22) prepared by Ouktep Vibot ( – Follow him in his Facebook. If you belong to any sport club in Cambodia, you can send your own reports to this site. Continue reading

Two foreigners fighting at Cambodian rings

Phnom Penh. Although a little old (May 14), I find this relate very interesting from one of my journalist students of how he saw a pradal fighting where two foreigners tried to get a name in the Cambodian rings. The first fight was made by nationally known Chey Kosol of the Sanghawk Kayla Club against Japanese Atoshi Namura and they tied the fight. At the end of the game Continue reading

Weekend of Pradal Serey in Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh. On Saturday Khim Dyma, a boxer of Reasmey Phoum Pheak, took only three rounds to knock out Vann Chann Viat using specially knock-kneed during a pradal fighting transmitted by TV3 Channel. The fighting was among the 60 kg category where Dyma is a new arrival. Kim Dyma got 6 scores, while Vann Chan Viat lost one round. Dyma used his punch and knee to hit Chann Viat that tried all the time to defend from the heavy attack, but at the third round the left foot of Chann Viat was immobilized due to the Dyma insistent kicks. Continue reading

A weekend of Pradal

It would have not sense if you visit Cambodia and do not pay a look to his national sport: Pradal Serey and Bokator (they are actually different.) Of course, if you do not like violent sports, just ignore this post and watch the dancing Apsaras. You can find the practice of Bokator even in the Angkorian inscriptions. Then, as a martial art, it means discipline and philosophy, courage and nobility. Continue reading

Pradal Srey, the Cambodian Martial Art and National Sport

The differences with Muay Thai

muay thaiWhen eventual visitors to Cambodia see Kickboxing, it is normal to think that it is the world famous Muay Thai. Of course, its similarity is evident. In fact, Muay Thai seems to be more international and referred even in American movies. However, if you, a regular visitor and friend of Thailand, intend to explore Cambodia, one thing you must state on this soil: Pradal Serey is not Muay Thai. Maybe you can call it Kickboxing, but do not dare to mention “Muay Thai“, because it is not Muay Thai at all, although you see the same similar rituals, positions and forms – apparently. Continue reading