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Motorcycle theft, burglaries and robbery in Kampot Town

Kampot Town is becoming insecure, at least in the last months with reports on motorcycle theft, burglaries, robbery and bag snatching, victimizing especially expatriates, according to reports. The inaction of local authorities after reports has led to the creation of a Facebook page to denounce criminal events (see Kampot Crime Noticeboard). According to his creator, the board was created as a response to the “escalation of criminal activity directed toward foreigners living in Kampot and surrounding communities.Read More…


To Saigon through Prek Chak

  • If you want to contemplate the Mekong Delta, it is the best option: Ha Tien – Saigon by bus. 
  • The Prek Chak Border Crossing is practical for going from Kampot and Kep provinces to Ha Tien and Koh Tral (Phu Quoc).
  • It is under construction. 

The Prek Chak International Gate is the best place to cross to Vietnam from the Cambodian provinces of Kep and Kampot. In Vietnam it is known as Xa Xien and it is the access to Ha Tien City in the Kien Gian Province and to Koh Tral Island (in Vietnamese Phu Quoc.) From Ha Tien there are regular public transport to Saigon with different bus companies, most of them with very comfortable vehicles to cross the Mekong Delta to reach the city. It is 322 kilometers far from Ha Tien by QL 80 road, including the crossing of a ferry at Vang Cong.

Here I am, on a real bus bed on my travel to Saigon from Ha Tien. There are also night buses that make the travel in 8 hours through the Mekong Delta. A stunning view.  Read More…

ABA Bank opens in Kampot

ABA Bank Kampot Branch May 2014Our promising city of Kampot opens today the branch of a new bank in town: ABA (Advance Bank of Asia Ltd), a joint Cambodia – South Korea enterprise that started in 1996 and today is growing as an option to provide commercial banking services. Other banks in Kampot Province include Canadia, Acleda, Amret and Cambodian Public Bank. ABA offers services such as deposit account, credit, trade finance, money transfer and cash management. It has also an ATM in its own offices, located just in Kampot downtown, near the Main Traffic Circle. ABA has 20 branches, mostly located in Phnom Penh. Provinces include Siem Reap, Sihanoukville, Battambang, Kampong Cham, Kampong Speu, Kampong Thom, Pursat, Chbar Ampov, Chom Chao, Takhmao, Takeo, Kampot and Kampong Chnang. It has more than 60 ATMs and 325 million in deposit portfolio. The deposit and customer base extends to 40,000 accounts with 4,000 borrowers.  

A farmer boy, a monk and an audiovisual editor

Chamroeun and his parents and little brother

Chamroeun, formelly Tech, with his parents Mok Phun and Pich Pan and their nephew at the Baytea Village in Kompung Trach. Photo courtesy, February 2014.

Supporting a young man to get success in his life is just a key for a sustainable development of any country. It is very important to fight for the reduction of the gender gap and to give girls and women same opportunities. But it is also important not to forget that boys and young men need also support. To forget men just starting from the idea that they are “strong” and they can manage for themselves, prove to be a wrong position and a misunderstand of the gender reduction efforts. Men without education and opportunities can generate violence in many senses. The story of Chamroeun, a farmer boy who became Buddhist monk and then could reach a technical formation in a Don Bosco school, is a good example of how boys and young men can have those spaces to jump into a future of opportunities for the good of their country. The original articles was published in Kampuchea Thmey Daily with the title “Poverty is not a barrier for a person with high values,” but I edited this new English version with some other perspectives as he is my own pupil:  Read More…

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