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Sentenced to 7 years in prison for drugs

Phnom Penh. A Taiwanese man, Kuo Dayu, 43, was sentenced this Monday by the municipal court under the charge of drug trafficking to seven years in prison. The man was arrested by the Pochengton Airport police on August 29, 2010, when the authorities found 91 grams of heroin in his luggage. He was traveling back to his country. Kuo Dayu denied the charges and he said that he did not know that the drug was there and he will appeal the sentence.


Thief could be responsible for the murder of Italian

Sihanoukville. A man, who was arrested by the police for burgling the house of Mr. Som Kakna, could be the responsible of the murder of Mr. Guido Ricciarini, the Italian that lost his life last February 8 when somebody entered his house and killed him. Yesterday morning, the police arrested the man at 11:00, but his name was not made public. Authorities said that it is possible a good connection of this man with the crime. In the interrogation, the man admitted that he uses to burgling in houses of foreigners. He mentioned that he entered the house of Ricciarini:

‘When I arrived at that house, I noticed that the door was open and so I went in and took a laptop and 200 dollars,’ the Police said that these were his declaration over the case.

The suspect also mentioned that, during the burglary, Mr. Ricciarini awoke and he admitted to hitting him in the face with the handle of an umbrella. The case is currently under investigation by the police as they try to uncover more information.

Mr. Ricciarini was a benefactor of the Don Bosco projects at Sihanoukville and the crime was rejected by numerous individuals and organizations.


Briton to be extradited to Cambodia on rape charges

A Thai court was favorable to a Cambodian request of extradition to David John Fletcher, a British citizen of 65 years old that had a children’s charity center and is accused of rape charges, according to The Bangkok Post. Fletcher was arrested and charged in Cambodia, but he managed to escape to Thailand last August. He denied the accusation and said that he is a victim of a group of influential people with whom he did not want to cooperate in money-laundering. He even said that he was threaten to dead. The Thai criminal court did not find the claims of Fletcher of enough weight and order his extradition to Phnom Penh.

Benefactor of Don Bosco schools was murdered in Sihanoukville

Sihanoukville.Last February 8 a terrible crime shocked the Don Bosco schools in the city port: Mr. Guido Ubaldo Ricciarini, an Italian benefactor of the educational works, was murdered at his residence by an uknown group of men. The police is investigating. According to the administration of the school, the police declared that there are already some improvements in the investigation. Mr. Ricciarini had a relation since two months ago with lady of Sihanoukville and was living in the area of Psar Leu, near the Catholic Church. She reported to the authorities that she found the body of her husband without life. The Italian benefactor was well known in the Don Bosco Hotel School where he was supporting students with scholarships.

Funeral of Mr. Guido Ricciarini, attended by Don Bosco students and teachers and Italian friends living in the city.

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