Thief could be responsible for the murder of Italian

Sihanoukville. A man, who was arrested by the police for burgling the house of Mr. Som Kakna, could be the responsible of the murder of Mr. Guido Ricciarini, the Italian that lost his life last February 8 when somebody entered his house and killed him. Yesterday morning, the police arrested the man at 11:00, but his name was not made public. Authorities said that it is possible a good connection of this man with the crime. In the interrogation, the man admitted that he uses to burgling in houses of foreigners. He mentioned that he entered the house of Ricciarini:

‘When I arrived at that house, I noticed that the door was open and so I went in and took a laptop and 200 dollars,’ the Police said that these were his declaration over the case.

The suspect also mentioned that, during the burglary, Mr. Ricciarini awoke and he admitted to hitting him in the face with the handle of an umbrella. The case is currently under investigation by the police as they try to uncover more information.

Mr. Ricciarini was a benefactor of the Don Bosco projects at Sihanoukville and the crime was rejected by numerous individuals and organizations.



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7 responses to “Thief could be responsible for the murder of Italian”

  1. Mr Thea says :

    We need this news, because people must know that there’s justice in our country. if this man is the murder, he must pay for it and we need to stop criminality. Thanks for reporting.

  2. Vuthy says :

    please don’t think that all Cambodians are like this. Foreigners are welcome in my country. This is an isolated case.

  3. Tommy says :

    What the authorities are doing to avoid this kind of crimes against foreigners? if there’s not good actions, foreigners will not come anymore to Cambodia!!

  4. pietro hublitz says :

    Principally it could be dangerous also for Sieng ( the photographer who has also not a proper license to cover news) but overall it could be a jeopardy for the investigation itself , which the Italian community here is following with apprehension and attention, as we fear the real culprits of what we consider a “slaughterhouse’s job” are going to be never found out. The crime has been so horrendous that we are all still under shock and we don’t want any foreigner residing in town to be a victim of a similar crime. We don’t want a culprit, we want THE culprit, and we want to know what has pushed that people to kill a sleeping benefactor of this country’s education.

    A robbery does not justify such violence. And even a robbery should not happen, as it is a symptom of a social disease.


    Rule nr.1 for investigative journalism is not interfering with official investigation unless the case is officially closed.

    Rule nr.2 is not to publish articles or photos or report anyway on ongoing criminal cases without the consent of the concerned authorities. It applies more in countries like this than in the west, though.

    Rule nr.3 is report not just rumors, but official statements from the office of the prosecutor. Here in Cambodia, whenever something happens, after 30 minutes you can have a wide range of rumors about that thing, and no one is even CLOSE to the truth !


    • Ly Kuang (李 关) says :

      pietro, I cannot see how a news like this, so short by the way, could interfere with an official investigation. In US this reporter should be dismiss not for reporting, but for reporting so short. It is his job to report on the situation and what is happening about this worrying case. The photo is obviously approved by the police, because the police did not stop him from doing it. By the way, the note says explicitly that he ‘could be’ the ‘possible’ responsible and the reporter is mentioning the declaration of an official who says something public. In conclusion, how could be it a rumor as you suggests and why to silence the press. Foreigners in Sihanoukville must know what happens and that they must be prudent to avoid situations like this.

    • Fernand T says :

      Rumors??? How is it possible to be this a rumor if there’s even a photo??? This criminal is a criminal.

  5. pietro hublitz says :

    I would be cautious to publish such news without a definitive and official press statement from the concerned authorities.

    As far as I am concerned no official statement has been released yet and, after all, no court has yet charged nor sentenced the suspect for the case of the murder of my friend Guido, case which all the Italian community in town is following attentively.

    You could risk defamation and/or disinformation charges, either from the suspect or the police, according to the Cambodian laws.

    Unless you, Al, consider yourself and Don Bosco Foundation above the local law.



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