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Internet Providers without Customer Service

  • The Cambodian Internet Providers lack a real sense for Customer Service.
  • You could be disconnected for days and your calls for an urgent attention is unheard. They are always “busy” and the company would send somebody when it wants, not when you need. 

Although the technological development of Internet in Cambodia, the business still dominated by incompetence and lack of customer service. You can change your Internet Provider as many times as you want, but at the end you will feel the same disappointment when something goes wrong and you have to call to the “Customer Service” to listen the same words: “Yes, sir, we are going to attend you” but you don’t know when; “we are now too much busy, sorry, sir” even if you have an Internet Cafe and your own customers will go away.

Do you recommend a Cambodian Internet Provider? Let your experience be known to others, to choose the best one and to crush mediocre companies with a lack of sense for customer service. Let your comment in this page or rate the companies in our poll.

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Deaf Internet

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This month I got one of the most beautiful evidences of the importance of the internet in our time and how it is about inclusion. New technologies are changing the human history and it is not created for the power and enjoyment of minoritarian groups, but information and communication technologies are a human patrimony we must promote to reduce the global digital gapRead More…

Digital volunteers?

This week we were reflecting about volunteer work that, most of the time, means to move from your own country or region and spend time far from home in another culture. This morning of Saturday I had with my students of communication a video conference offered by a Colombian photojournalist from Medellín, Diego Andrés Sánchez-Alzate. He made a valuable introduction to photography and photojournalism for those who love it, by showing his own works on Flicker. Photography is a composition and a story told by images, colors, lights and textures, he mentioned, while photojournalism is a careful attention to events. Thanks to the Skype, 18 Khmer students of communication could enjoy the exposition of a young Colombian journalist, far from them more than 18 thousand kilometers (11 thousand miles.) Diego offered his conference, then it is also a great way to be a volunteer online. Just you need a computer, Internet connection, someone ready to translate and the will to share with other communities in any corner of the planet.

The First Khmer Social Blog Contest began

Children and young people are accessing more and more to the Internet thanks to the action of NGOs and universities. However, Internet usage in Cambodia stills too low: 0.5 % only.

Sihanoukville (Actualizado 07.13.2011). The deadline of the contest has been extended to August 12 in order to give more opportunities to more participants. find updates at the official page in Khmer Window to the World. There is only one category: bloggers aged 15 to 25 can participate with blogs that keep social, educational, cultural, scientific or ecological topics.

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