Planning a major event

Looking now for scapegoats of the Koh Pich tragedy will not lead to peace at all. If guilty, all of us. Education, prevention and social discipline are elements that do not come out from night to morning. We should remember that Cambodia is a developing country and that we are three decades away from the nightmare of brutality and violence. The Koh Pich tragedy is a historical and sad lesson, but we all should concentrate now in avoiding the next tragedy. To do so, we must work in the formation of a safe mentality that is in general lacking if we just see for example how people drive a car or a motorbike in Cambodia. How to plan a major event? Let’s see. Continue reading

Pchum Ben, Ancestors’ Day


The crematorium of Lower Pagoda (Wat Kraom) in Sihanoukville.


Pchum Ben or the Ancestors’ Day, is a Cambodian Buddhist and Brahmanism festivity where Cambodians of those religions pay a respect to the spirits of their ancestors and deceased relatives. In harmony with this cultural-religion tradition, the Cambodian Catholic Church has also its annual All Souls Day that is universally celebrated on November 2, but in the Cambodian Catholic communities it is during the traditional Pchum Ben. Continue reading

The VIP Sport

My vacations in Phnom Penh this month made me dedicate my time to some sport and I chose a the VIP Sport Club. It is not a too big area, but the enough to hold a great professional gym, a parking area, a boxing ring, a restaurant, a good pool, a tennis court and sauna and steam rooms. Continue reading

A trip proposal plan to Cambodia

If you come from any country of Europe, I would recommend you to take a flight to Bangkok. Then do not take the flight directly to Phnom Penh, but to Siem Reap Airport. Traveling back to your country, book your flight not from Siem Reap, but from Phnom Penh Airport. In this way, after visiting Siem Reap and the Angkor Wat sites, you go to Phnom Penh and visit the south of the country. Continue reading

Cambodia many holidays?

IMGA0504It is not matter of the country, foreigners will complain always about the big number of holidays this country has. I listened such complain from foreigners in Colombia, Ecuador, Spain, Italy, Ireland, Thailand and Philippines. An Italian will say that Cambodians have many holidays, but it is exactly what foreigners in Italy said about Italy.

Photo by Hans

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