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African travelers

African travelers can face many immigration difficulties out of their continent for many reasons and Asia, a region that should be friendly with everybody, it’s not properly an open doors’ path, becoming sometimes nasty. It’s true that many African travelers have been got with drugs in countries like Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam, and some others have been arrested for online frauds in cooperation with local criminals. However, all those cases do not justify the evident discrimination at the moment to welcome a citizen from countries like Nigeria or Kenya.

Let us show how discriminatory some migration rules are in a country like Thailand with regards to Africans: The Bangkok jails are crowed with Australians, Frenchmen, British, Americans, Japanese guys, charged with crimes such as drug dealing, human trafficking, child abuse, online frauds… However, to the sight of any citizen from any of those “rich” countries, there is not the same hostile attitude as with any Nigerian arriving to a Thai airport. If we were so worry to stop Nigerians from introducing drugs, why you cannot apply the same too many conditions to citizens from all those “rich” countries? Of course, Australia, Britain… they provide much more money and belong to the “ideal lands” of the stupid dreamers. Many Thai and Cambodians do not know, for example, that Nigeria is their first consumer of the rice they produce (!) What do you think? That your exported rice is going to the selective French cuisines?

If you are an African traveler coming to Asia for tourism or business, as anybody in the world could do, get sure to collect all conditions and visas required by the different immigration system of these countries – the most demanding is Thailand, so far, but prepare yourself for other countries like Cambodia. In this link of the Thai embassy in UK, Nigerians, for example, can study the long list of conditions if they want to travel to the so called “country of the eternal smile…” (it seems smiling only to Europeans, but freezing on the face of Africans.)

Africans in Asia

Dedicated to all those good persons who suffer discrimination only for belonging to their country.


An E-Visa Complain

At the edge of the Tourist High Season, we start with the E-Visa and the need to be more effective. In general, the Cambodian E-Visa is the best of the South East Asia and it is really an example. Just don’t use intermediate agencies that would overcharge you. Please use exclusively the Government website:

As in any system, there will be always mistakes, system failures and misunderstanding. But it is important to work all the time to avoid it. A perfect complement could be the skill training of officers dealing with international visitors in airports, sea ports and land gates. They must speak at least a good level of English, while having experience in dealing with foreigners, using the electronic technologies and being kind. It will give a good image to Cambodia.

I got the following complain from a couple with a not good experience in their E-Visa experience. By sure, most people are happy with the service, but it is important to heard also those who are not happy in order to improve it: Read More…

Cambodia ranks 50 in HP visa restriction index

  • The Cambodian passport is among of the weakest of the planet. Cambodians can enter freely to only 50 countries.
  • The strongest Southeast Asian passport is the one of Brunei, entering 150 countries, 100 more than Cambodia.
  • The Cambodian passport is the 5th strongest Southeast Asian passport after Brunei, Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia. Cambodia wins to Vietnam, Burma and even China.  

Henley & Partners puts Cambodia in the 50th place on its visa restriction index for 2014. It means that a Cambodian citizen can enter to just 50 countries of the world without a previous visa. The index is a global ranking of countries according to the travel freedom that their citizens enjoy. Cambodia wins for one place to Guinea-Bissau, Haiti, Madagascar, Nigeria and Turkmenistan, whose citizens don’t need previous visa to enter to 49 countries of the planet, and it is behind for one place to Bhutan, Mongolia and Mozambique that do not need visa for 51 countries.  Read More…

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