I see Germany


Greetings from Munich, the heart of Europe and the capital of Bavaria in Germany. It is already one weeks since I left Cambodia to visit donors of our educational projects and Germany has challenged many of my preconceptions about itself. The first thing I found is its greenness. Yes, I thought I was going to find a cement jungle, but it is a green country of woods and even maiz – although, unlikely in South America it is used for gas production. Germany is shutting down its nuclear plants and moving into natural power. I am admired to see solar panels and wind mils everywhere. A great model for a country like Cambodia. Instead of creating dams to alter the ecosystems, the proliferation of solar and wind energy would be a great solution.  Continue reading

Cambodia this Monsoon

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The Monsoon is actually a good time to visit Cambodia. Raining is a blessing in a country where 80% of its population lives in rural areas and depends on rice fields. Flooding is not such a disaster, though it causes its troubles, especially in provinces lie Kratie and Kompung Cham. Here some photos from ZenTrips.net, a tourist agency specialized in Spanish speaking travelers to Cambodia.

No Ebola cases in Cambodia

Lyle's flying fox

The cute Cambodian Lyle’s flying fox, a species in danger that needs protection. 

Although there are no reports of Ebola cases in Cambodia, the Ministry of Health warms people to be careful, especially if traveling to West African countries. As there is not a regular connectivity between South East Asia and the main affected countries like Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Nigeria, the Ministry considered that Cambodia is mostly out of danger, but monitoring the situation together with the World Health Organization. Nigerian citizens going or coming to their country from Cambodia are warned to keep precautions such avoiding blood, secretions and other body fluids from infected living or dead persons or animals. Continue reading

Nuon Chea and Khieu Samphan… the rest of their life!

Photo Courtesy ECCC.

Photo Courtesy ECCC.

Let us make speculations of this news of the verdict of Khieu Samphan and Nuon Chea by ECCC this week. Let us suppose that it was not ECCC but a Khmer Rouge tribunal to investigate their cases leaded by… Duch, for example: first both seniors would endured long sessions of torture. Why to take the fatigue to look for witnesses and ask experts when you have all those S-21 practical machines to make Khieu Samphan and Nuon Chea to confess their crimes? Even more, such tribunal would be delighted to make them confess others’ crimes, so a good method to reduce more papers. It is the way they dealt during their time as leaders of Kampuchea Democratic. Even more, both would be condemned to execution and an awful execution as they were at the killing fields. Continue reading

Motorcrossing for Cambodian helmets in Sihanoukville

Here is our first video on the ISeeCambodia’s campaign for helmets and safety on the national roads. The proposal is to show the situation and to move the Cambodian youth to increase their own worry to spread the message. Send your video clips’ links in Youtube and we can publish in this blog. You can entitle your video as “Motorcrossing for Cambodian helmets” and show the situation in a short video wherever you are.

Don’t cut jail term for pedophile Karl Heinz Henning Opitz

Don't cut jail term for pedophile Karl Heinz Henning Opitz

An online petition has been created to request the back of the reduced sentence.

On 17th July a Cambodian court reduced the jail sentence of Karl Heinz Opitz, 66, to 10 years. The 2007 sentence gave him a 28 years in jail for getting girls as young as 10 into his apartment. The girls were provided by human traffickers. He used to tie the girls up, whip and rape them while filming and taking photos until 4 consecutive hours.

Sorry, the link was wrong. Here the updated correct one:

Sign this petition. Continue reading

Lidia Linde, a hero in child protection

Lidia Linde in Heros

I invite you to read this profile of Lidia Linde Ginesta (Ma Lidia), portrayed by Unsung Heroes Compassion. Just in the middle of many denounces of fake orphanages in Cambodia that are only facades for hidden business using poor children, we need to look up real and transparent experiences and, who more than real and transparent than Lidia. If someone has any doubt of who is she, just walk into her Siem Reap office and check any possible book, contact any of her donors and know her story, far from fiction and full of heroicity.  Continue reading