You are in Cambodia

A Site for Expatriates in Cambodia

& Cambodians living abroad

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       I See Cambodia is a site created in 2006 to lead expatriates and visitors to Cambodia, or Cambodians living abroad wanting to get information from their own country or leads in foreign lands. It includes things such as visas, passports, travels, tourist agencies, recommendations, advice, buy & selling, news, analysis, photos, videos, comments, worries, translations, warnings, sites, etc.

Exchange money in Cambodia

Do not exchange money from people on the streets in Cambodia, Thailand or Vietnam. You can be a victim of “your-bill-is-fake” scam. Exchange money in banks or established exchange offices. Remember that Cambodia use two currencies: the USD and the Khmer Riel. 1 dollar is 4,100 Riel.

Protection of Cambodia environment

4 responses to “You are in Cambodia”

  1. Jennie says :

    is there a food and beverage class for local people?

  2. Hernan Pinilla says :

    Felicitaciones por este nuevo proyecto periodístico.
    Un abrazo

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