Super Typhoon Hagupit threatens Philippines

  • Typhoon causes one of the world’s biggest evacuation in peacetime: more than half a million persons look for shelter. 
  • The storm weakened to category 3: Super Typhoon. 
  • Winds up to 175 kph (110 mph).
  • Still uncertain its next track: to the north or through the Philippines. 

The Philippines is in national alert due to the uncertain track of Super Typhoon Hagupit that has already caused the world’s biggest evacuation in peacetime with more than half a million persons in southern provinces. The next track of the typhoon still uncertain and it probably would head to the north, preserving the country from further damages, but if it heads toward the northwest, it will touch certainly the Philippines, crossing areas that still recovering from Typhoon Haiyan about 13 months ago.

Cambodian weather now

Sihanoukville. Aspect of the Sihanouk Bay this weekend during the raining season. A group of students did a picnic last Saturday on the beach under a cloudy sky. The Cambodian weather is dominated by the monsoons. The temperature range from 21 to 35 °C (69.8 to 95 °F) The southwest monsoon blow inland from the Gulf of Siam and the Indian Ocean from May to October. September and October are months with the heaviest precipitations and the drier period is from January to February.

The Occheuteal Pedestrian Beach opens

Sihanoukville — A kilometer pedestrian beach along Occheutel is the new feature in town this month. Works to complete it began early year and now it changes the face of the most popular beach in town. Continue reading

Sihanoukville heavy raining

The Oupram Street in front to Don Bosco Technical School as flooded.

I was complaining that this year the raining season was rather dry. Isolated rains in the country and some regions suffering from lack of water that affected the agriculture. Well, it seems that the skies were waiting my 40th birthday today, at least over the Sihanoukville´s firmament. It was 11:45 when the clouds gathered to whip with fast wins and thousands of litters of water the Cambodian sea port. As a result, the Don Bosco Technical School was flooded for its first time in history. There was nothing to regret, fortunately, out of mud to wash in the coming week. You can see my own pictures of the today´s heavy raining in Sihanoukville in this album.

Raining comes and tourists go

Foreign tourism got down this month in the main tourist spots of Cambodia like Siem Reap, Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville. It is already the low season, while hotels and restaurants look for local clients to continue their business. Continue reading

Cambodia Weather

February 2010

Average high Average low Precipitation mm (inch)
Phnom Penh 31°C (88 °F) 22 °C (71°F) 7.6 mm (0.30 inches)
Siem Riep 32°C (90°F) 19.7°C (67°F) 0.7 mm (0.03 inches)
Sihanoukville 30°C (86°F) 24°C (75.2°F) 1 mm (0.03 inches)
Bangkok (Thailand) 32°C  (90°F) 21°C (69.8 °F) 10 mm (0.39 inches)
Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) 32°C (90°F) 21°C (69.8 °F) 14 mm (0.55 inches)

Current season: Dry and cool (December to April).