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Cambodia feels the hottest year on record

Cambodia draught and fires April 16 2016

In the middle of the dessert view, the green spots are consumed by uncontrolled fires caused by plastic garbage or vandals willing to clean the land from vegetation.

       Global warming is here and we caused it. On Friday, April 15, the temperature in Phnom Penh reached 40 degrees Celsius at midday, not so much different from Saigon, Bangkok and Vientiane, marking a Southeast Asian drought that is already concerning the economies of the region.   Read More…


A hotel in Chau Doc

I stayed in Thanh Nam 2 Mini Hotel, at central Chau Doc. It has a very well organized tourist agency that could connect you wherever in Vietnam or bring you to Cambodia. There is a visible sign as “Mekong Tours”. Full address: 41 Quang Trung Street, Chau Phu B Ward, City Center / Riverside, Chau Doc (An Giang). In this website you can find their contact information: http://www.hotels-chaudoc.com/Thanh_Nam_2/accm_location
.Thanh Nam Hotel Chau Doc

Dealing with those who want to “help” you

Living from tourists

If you go in your own way, touring around countries like Thailand, Cambodia or Vietnam – and most countries – you will find in your way too many people who want to “help” you to get transport, hotels, tours, change money, buying food and even night enjoyment. Definitively, everyone has the right to work and get money to survive. But it is also true that many tourists try to keep as much as possible, at least they pay to agencies to arrange everything.  Read More…

A Tale of Two Capitals: Hanoi and Hue

Culture, history and romance come together in a new spring package

HANOI & HUE, Vietnam (March 24, 2016) — The leading hotels in each of Vietnam’s most culturally profound destinations have come up with ‘A Capital Idea,’ a five-day, four-night exploration of cities that each reigned for a spell as the country’s capital.

       Hanoi was capital of Vietnam from 1010 to 1802, and has been since 1945. Hue was capital during the last imperial dynasty in Vietnam from 1802 to 1945.

The Noon Gate in Hue

The Noon Gate at the Citadel of Hue.

      Read More…

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