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Peter Woznica, Polish scholar about Khmer language

Peter Woznica, a Polish scholar doing a volunteer in the Don Bosco school in Sihanoukville, speaks about the Khmer language and education in Cambodia.


Sexy Khmer Movie Ep 3 Pt 1 AirWaves (English subtitles)

CTN| 7 Cambodians arrested in Thailand

Yesterday, the Thai police arrested seven Cambodian workers who use to work in the Thai side of the border. The police retained 20 persons and arrested 7. The event is seem by Cambodia as a kind of intimidation for the arrest of 7 Thai politicians, among them a Congressman, who entered unlawful into the Cambodian territory, in an area claimed by some Thai nationalist factions as Thai. The seven Thai politicians could face penalties until one year in jail and two of them were formally accused of espionage on a Cambodian military compound and threats to the national security, an offense that could be punished with ten year of jail. Seven per seven… however, the 7 Cambodians were simple workers and they were not claiming the Thai market as Cambodian territory…

TVK News| In Koh Kong

I am sorry with our English readers. You can see the images that are great and give me time to explain it. Also you can see a little of Cambodian television and listen the beautiful Khmer language 🙂

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