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Christmas in Cambodia

  • There are about 20,000 Roman Catholic Christians in modern Cambodia representing the 0.15% of the total population that is mostly Buddhist. 
  • Although Protestant churches state that they made the 2% of the Cambodian population with about 1,000 worship places in the country, their number is not official and they could be less than 10,000. 
  • The second largest religious group of Cambodia is Muslims represented in the Cham minority that could be much largest than all Christians combined. 

Cambodia is one of those few countries with a State Official Religion according to its Political Constitution: Theravada Buddhism:

“Cambodian Citizens of both sexes shall have the right to belief. The freedom of religious belief and practices shall be guaranteed by the State on condition that they do not affect other beliefs, orders and public security. Buddhism is the State religion.” (Art. 43)


A group of Catholic youth in Kep Province celebrating the start of Advent Season on December 8, 2014.

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Pisak Bochear ceremony in Sihanoukville

Sihanoukville. More than 500 Buddhist monks joint the Pisak Bochear procession last Tuesday. The ceremony started at 13:00 at the Two Lions Square and went through the Eakereak Avenue to finish at the new Buddhist shrink on the Independence Park with the assistant of several faithfuls. Read More…

New Buddhist shrine opened in Sihanoukville

The Buddhist authorities of Sihanoukville opened a new shrine in the city near the Independence Monument in a program that lasted for three days (March 18 to 20.) A number of 560 Buddhist monks coming from provinces as Preah Sihanouk, Kompong Cham, Takeo, Siem Reap, Kratie and Svay Rieng assisted to the ceremonies leaded by Reverend Savoung Sarat, Buddhist authority in the province.

By Chhin Sieng

Phnom Penh Riverside

Wat Ounalom in the Preah Sisowath Street as in the night.

If we have to start from a Point Zero in Phnom Penh, it is the riverside. Day or night it is busy and the proper Phnom Penh downtown. A recommendation to stay in the Cambodian capital is looking any hotel of that district and you have from back packers to five stars’ options. Another is to get a map of the city, since it is quit difficult to understand the city’s nomenclature plus it is easier to point out in a map the place you want to go to a moto-taxi, cycle or taxi than trying to explain it in English or any other language to your Cambodian driver. Read More…

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