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Cambodia feels the hottest year on record

Cambodia draught and fires April 16 2016

In the middle of the dessert view, the green spots are consumed by uncontrolled fires caused by plastic garbage or vandals willing to clean the land from vegetation.

       Global warming is here and we caused it. On Friday, April 15, the temperature in Phnom Penh reached 40 degrees Celsius at midday, not so much different from Saigon, Bangkok and Vientiane, marking a Southeast Asian drought that is already concerning the economies of the region.   Read More…


Dealing with those who want to “help” you

Living from tourists

If you go in your own way, touring around countries like Thailand, Cambodia or Vietnam – and most countries – you will find in your way too many people who want to “help” you to get transport, hotels, tours, change money, buying food and even night enjoyment. Definitively, everyone has the right to work and get money to survive. But it is also true that many tourists try to keep as much as possible, at least they pay to agencies to arrange everything.  Read More…

What is responsible tourism

       Certainly to get holidays in countries like Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand or any other country in the world, is a right for any citizen. At the same time, international tourism means the movement of meaningful incomes for impoverished communities that would not get much from their traditional way of living. But tourism to poor countries means also many difficult situations.

Stacey Dooley from BBC did this interesting documentary on what is behind the booming Thai tourism. Many things apply to Cambodia as well, with the difference that Cambodia is at the beginning and things can be done to prevent the destruction of fragile local communities, environment and abuse.

I would number those “difficult situations” like this: Read More…

Spanish fugitive arrested in Sihanoukville

Artur Segarra

One of the photos of Artur Segarra that was broadcast by the Thai media, allowing his identification by the public.

A man of 37 years old, Artur Segarra, in his run from the Thai police, was arrested by the authorities of Sihanoukville last Sunday and deported to the neighboring country on Monday morning to answer as main suspect in the disappearance and atrocious murder of the Spanish businessman David Bernat, whose body was found at the Chao Phraya river. The crime attracted the Thai media, allowing his easy identification, so he entered illegally into Cambodia searching for refuge, but was identified by some people on the Sihanoukville’s beach.  Read More…

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