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The cradles of the Khmer nation

Kbal Romeas caves are located in Kompot Province and they belong to the first evidences of human settlements in the Southeast Asian region.

In the beginning was the Kbal Romeas Cave. Nobody knows for how long it was inhabited. Archaeologists found marine shells and ceramics at the site dated 5370 BC. Carbonnel and Delibrias dated the place to the New Stone Age in 3420 BC, corresponding to the Neolithic Revolution. The amazement of the Angkorian temples makes to neglect other historical – and pre-historical – times of the Khmers. The grandeur of Angkor did not come from night to day – Phnom Penh wasn’t built in a night. It is actually the result of a long historical process. The lovers of Angkor must study the previous date with careful attention to understand the process. Read More…


A Bokor moss to protect

Another hidden detail of a Mountain like Bokor is the moss. I took this picture at the Water Fall – of course, there are a lot mosses, since it is a natural water place. Mosses are unusual to most Cambodians, because they are in general low-land people, but highlanders – like me and Cambodians from provinces like Ratanakiri and Mondolkiri – know them very well. It is important to include them in the culture of ecological protection, because they are important for the mountain ecosystem and the generation of water.

The new Lok Yeay Mao Monument is 29 meters tall

The size of the monuments we build, talk about the size of the development we want. You can find huge monuments in industrialized countries representing their ambitions (see the Eiffel Tower, the Statue of the Liberty or historical places like the Pyramids of Egypt, the Chinese Wall and even the Angkor Temples.)

What is under construction in Bokor Mountain is historically huge too. Read More…

A small Christmas celebration in Kompot

Kompot.​ A group of about 150 persons attended the Christmas celebration at the Kompot Catholic Church last evening. Fr. Son, the parish priest and one of the few Cambodian Catholic priests – most of the clergy is made by foreigners, – underlined the presence of ten persons coming from countries like Colombia, Japan, England, France, Italy, Greece and Vietnam. ‘Even in our small group, the Lord gives us a sign that He was born two thousand years ago for all mankind,’ he said during the homily to the faithful, most of them young people. Read More…

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