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Reducing digital gap in Cambodia through the fear of expression’s censorship

Reducing digital gap in Cambodia through the fear of expression’s censorship

The number of Internet users in Cambodia is rising in a country with one of the biggest digital gap in the region. However, there is a fear of a possible online censorship that could come through the weaving of a detailed legislation, as it has been used for example in traditional media since 2008 with laws that include vague provisions that can undermine freedom of expression, according to Licadho… READ MORE


Oops! You could not connect to blogspot.com once more

Last hour (01/22/11/09:49). This morning the server came back… Last Thursday Ezecom, the Cambodian Internet provider, denied that it received official orders to blockade the website. Paul Blanche-Horgen, Ezecom CEO, said to The Phnom Penh Post in a letter: ‘As the CEO I can say, we have received no directive, nor did we block access to any websites on our service‘.

As it goes and comes, probably is a technical issue. I opened a treat at the Blogger Help Forum with this question:

‘This week blogspot.com has suffered a national blockade in Cambodia. The issue has risen global concerns of a possible censorship. Officials denied any action to blockade the servers. Friday morning it came back, but at the evening it was impossible to access any blog again. This morning it came back. Is it a technical problem? The answer is very important, because is sensitive in our country and would avoid misunderstandings and concerns. Thank you for your answer.
Albeiro Rodas

If you have a blog in blogspot.com, participate in that forum, so Google technicians can look after the problem and we know what really happened.

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Young journalism in Cambodia

At the end of November I had the visit of EFE’s reporter Laura Villadiego, who came to know my project of social communication and journalism in the Don Bosco Technical School of Sihanoukville. She wrote an article about the experience, underlining the fact that journalism is taught in a country that has been criticized for events that put the freedom of press under risk. At the same time, it is an experience directed to young people from underprivileged communities.
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57 Journalists Murdered in 2010

In 2010 there was a reduction of 25 percent in homicide to journalists in the world, according to the annual report of Reporters Without Borders. 51 journalists were kidnapped, 535 were arrested, 1,374 suffered physical attacks or were threatened, 504 media were censored, 127 journalists had to flee their own country, 152 bloggers and netizens were arrested, 52 were physically attacked and 62 countries were affected by the Internet censorship. These are the numbers of global persecution against freedom of press and threatens to the labor of reporters in the planet.  As for murder of journalists, Asia was the most dangerous region with for the media with 20, followed by the Americas with 13, in Africa 10, in the Middle East 10 and Europe 4. Read More…

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