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Another chain of dead accident in a well

Kroche. On 2nd of June seven persons died in Siem Reap, among them 4 children, trying to take out a bill note from a well (see Phnom Penh Post.) Something similar happened this weekend in Kroche, though the casualties were less. A man fell inside a well trying to rescue his dog in Lo Iek Village, Chroy Banteay Commune, Praek Prosoph District, Kroche Province, northern Cambodia. As soon as the man fall, his neighbour ran to his rescued and also fall inside. The mother of the first man, seeing that they did not come out, went also inside, making three deaths this Saturday. There are not further reports on this incident that demonstrate a lack of culture on security among the rural populations. In Cambodia wells are very important for the provision of water, however, they remain in very poor conditions, open to the free access of children and with lack of hygienic practices.


Health ministry warns against possible outbreaks of dengue

Phnom Penh. The Ministry of Health of Cambodia warned this week against possible outbreaks of dengue due to the rainy season. ‘It is difficult to predict dengue outbreaks, but according to our experience, we just think that this year there may be an epidemic,’ said Ngan Chantha, director of the Health Ministry’s national control and quoted by the Cambodia Daily on Wednesday. Dengue fever stills a big issue in Cambodia, affecting especially rural areas and poor communities. Read More…

Cambodian coffee increased price

Mondolkiri. The Cambodian coffee increased its price from 2,000 riels (0,5 US dollars) to 6,000 since last December, declared Heng Sokhum of the provincial department of agriculture. There is more demand for coffee, but less hectares. In 2003 the province had 600 hectares of coffee crops, but now there is only 43 according to the official. Farmers are dedicating more hectares to rubber and cassava, but the price increase could encourage more coffee plantation.

Kompung Thom Catholic Church

Kompong Thom Catholic Church Cambodia.mpg

The Catholic Church of Kompong Thom was committed to support farmer and fisher families during the floods of last year. Father Viney and Father Vincent talk about the difficulties of the harvest and how the rice rose its prize twice.

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