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First Large Grid Connected Solar Energy in Cambodia

  • 386 solar panels on 2 roofs of Don Bosco Technical School in Sihanoukville, the first large grid connected solar energy in Cambodia.
  • It costs 130,000 Euros mainly financed by Finland. 
  • Electricity of Cambodia accepted that surplus should enter the national grid, becoming the first experience of that kind in the country.

Solar energy is becoming a good alternative for a country like Cambodia and its growing development. Cambodia has to important most of his power from neighbouring countries like Thailand and Vietnam. Producing its own energy would be a key for its own development. Solar energy is not only a good solution but it goes along with the growing needs for a friendly environment system.


Aspect of the Solar Plant over the Social Communication Section Building of the Don Bosco Technical School in Sihanoukville Province. The first grid connected solar plant of Cambodia.

Scroll down for video. Read More…


Kep Province Governor presided Don Bosco Kep Graduation Day

Kep Governor Khen Satha gives the certificate to Lyheng, Front Office senior graduating. At the center Fr. Albeiro Rodas, Don Bosco Technical School Kep's Rector.

Kep Governor Khen Satha gives the certificate to Lyheng, Front Office senior graduating. At the center Fr. Albeiro Rodas, Don Bosco Technical School Kep’s Rector.

Kep Province — CAMBODIA – Friday, September 06, 2013. The governor of Kep Province, Mr. Ken Satha, presided the first graduation day of the new Don Bosco Technical School in this Cambodian region, 164 kilometers south of Phnom Penh over the Gulf of Thailand and near the Vietnamese border. The technical school opened in October 2011 to attend young people from Kep, Kampot and Takeo provinces and began with a group of 40 in the sections of social communication and hotel skills to lost only 4. The group that left at the end of June for training, has been engaged in different jobs especially in Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville in hotels, radio stations, television channels and web development companies. Read More…

Don Bosco Khmer Blog Social Award 2011, ‘Khmer Window to the World’

The Don Bosco Foundation of Cambodia Communication Department invites to the First Don Bosco Khmer Blog Social Award 2011 for past pupils of the Don Bosco programs of social communication and IT in Cambodia. Please read the details of the contest if you want to participate. The deadline is June 24 and the winners will receive the award during the Second Summit of the Don Bosco Social Communication & Journalism Past Pupils Association 2011 to be celebrated on July 1st, 2011 at the Dominic Savio Auditorium, Don Bosco Technical School Campus (Oupram Street, Sihanoukville). Continue reading at the official page of the blog contest…

Thai Salesian Provincial in Cambodia

In a conference on last Thursday to the students and teachers of the social communication section of the community of Sihanoukville, the Salesian superior for Thailand, Cambodia and Laos, Fr. John Bosco Thepharat Pitisant, underlined the importance of communications for the Salesian mission and the development of societies like Cambodia. Read More…

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