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Don’t cut jail term for pedophile Karl Heinz Henning Opitz

Don't cut jail term for pedophile Karl Heinz Henning Opitz

An online petition has been created to request the back of the reduced sentence.

On 17th July a Cambodian court reduced the jail sentence of Karl Heinz Opitz, 66, to 10 years. The 2007 sentence gave him a 28 years in jail for getting girls as young as 10 into his apartment. The girls were provided by human traffickers. He used to tie the girls up, whip and rape them while filming and taking photos until 4 consecutive hours.

Sorry, the link was wrong. Here the updated correct one:

Sign this petition. Read More…


He abused a 17 years old girl

Another case of child sexual abuse and I want to talk about it, because the victim is just 17 years old. Making comparisons will not help if the victim is older or not. Probably a child of 10 or 15 has more probabilities to fight back, but it stills shocking the victim is so young. DAP News reported yesterday that a construction worker, Niegn Sol, 21, was arrested by the police for abusing a 17 months old girl, the daughter of two constructor workers also. They let their girl under the care of an aunt. As the aunt got absent to take water from a nearby well, the man attacked the child. A boy, who saw the crime ran to call some adults who chased Sol, who was arrested by the police hours after the incident. The man did not accept the charges against him.   Read More…

An Al Jazeera documentary on Cambodian’s orphan business

Juliana Ruhfus of the Al Jazeera‘s People & Power program gets into the evident fake of several Cambodian orphanages using children and volunteers to get profit. She discovers for example that many of these centers do not complaint with the law, neither with the minimum conditions to guarantee the safety and healthy growing of the children they argue to protect. Foreign volunteers are brought to these centers without requiring criminal records, while other centers are in connection with tourist agencies to put their orphanages as tourist destinations. Good work from Al Jazeera! See the video documentary this link.

We need more campaigns to stop gang rapes and child abuse

Kompot. Two gang rapes in a single month in Kompot province and two humiliated girls, one ready to commit suicide. The most interesting is that the gangsters are young as 16 years old and most of them students. On May 5 a group of 13 males abused a 16 years old. Eight of them are fugitives from justice. Last Monday, the court charged three students for the rape of a 20 years old woman in an infamous case. The police is searching for other four males. Read More…

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