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Who are the Sanxing (Three Stars)

Traveling through Asia and in countries like Cambodia, you meet in Chinese or Tao temples the statues of three old men at the altar:

Sanxing at Bokor Mountain

This picture was taken at the Dragon of the Mountain Taoist Temple on Bokor Mountain, Kampot. At the center of the altar we find the Sanxing, in Chinese means “Three Stars”. Following the Chinese way of reading from right to left, the first one is Fu, the one of the middle is Lu and the last one at the left is Shou. Who are these three venerated men? They represent prosperity (Fu), status (Lu) and longevity (Shou). This veneration is traced from the time of the Ming Dynasty (1368 – 1644). Read More…


Cutting the future

Bokor Mountain Foot

This photo should have sound. It was taken on March 19 at 13:30 from the always spectacular view of the Bokor Hill Old Casino. It is possible to appreciate a great jungle that climbs the hill from the sea level, keeping a fascinating presence of endemic plants and animals like some species of bird raptors. Coming to this point for several times since 1999, it is possible to see the growing of some worrying white spots, but it was the first time I heard clearly the sound of chainsaws, like this:

In the photo you can appreciate also smoke… specially the Sihanouk Province woods burn during every dry season, many from natural accidentes and many from criminal hands. Nobody minds. At this span we will end all natural resources in Cambodia, cutting jungles, drying water sources, throwing garbage everywhere, from the sea to the hills.

Visit to Bokor Mountain before the end of the year

When you visit Bokor Mountain, you find always new things.  Anyway, the new development is under way, so it is important to appreciate what is good and to review what should be reviewed.  the road is a snaky way to the mountain and it was built actually over an old path.  In this, there was a lack of a better engineering perspective.  A cable railway could be a great solution for the future and it would have a less impact over the environment.  They are also developing some restaurants in points like the water fall and the Yeay Mao Monument, but their prices are too much high – as the mountain? – so it is not appropriate for  visitors.  With some many people looking for jobs in Kampot City, this would be a good idea to settle a popular market over the top with more popular prices, creating more employment and showing more the Khmer culture.

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The new Lok Yeay Mao Monument is 29 meters tall

The size of the monuments we build, talk about the size of the development we want. You can find huge monuments in industrialized countries representing their ambitions (see the Eiffel Tower, the Statue of the Liberty or historical places like the Pyramids of Egypt, the Chinese Wall and even the Angkor Temples.)

What is under construction in Bokor Mountain is historically huge too. Read More…

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