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Visit to Bokor Mountain before the end of the year

When you visit Bokor Mountain, you find always new things.  Anyway, the new development is under way, so it is important to appreciate what is good and to review what should be reviewed.  the road is a snaky way to the mountain and it was built actually over an old path.  In this, there was a lack of a better engineering perspective.  A cable railway could be a great solution for the future and it would have a less impact over the environment.  They are also developing some restaurants in points like the water fall and the Yeay Mao Monument, but their prices are too much high – as the mountain? – so it is not appropriate for  visitors.  With some many people looking for jobs in Kampot City, this would be a good idea to settle a popular market over the top with more popular prices, creating more employment and showing more the Khmer culture.

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The new Lok Yeay Mao Monument is 29 meters tall

The size of the monuments we build, talk about the size of the development we want. You can find huge monuments in industrialized countries representing their ambitions (see the Eiffel Tower, the Statue of the Liberty or historical places like the Pyramids of Egypt, the Chinese Wall and even the Angkor Temples.)

What is under construction in Bokor Mountain is historically huge too. Read More…

The Bokor Water Fall in silence

Once more in the Bokor Water Fall. Although the regrettable finding of garbage at the place, let by dirty visitors –

I can guest that most of them visit the Mountain in expensive cars, – we admire a beautiful site as the Water Fall. This month of February is the dry season, then water is little, but the stones, carved by thousands of years of stream, are as so majestic as the Khmer temples. This place is just more than one thousand meters above the sea level, with its summit about 4 kilometers from the sea – it is my calculation… I will check my maps.

Chantha found a perfect stony bed.

The absent of water this month – but there is a little, anyway – creates a silence and an atmosphere for meditation and relaxing at the place. Of course, we went on Thursday, but weekends, by sure and for the sign of garbage, must be crowed. Then it would be recommended to visit Bokor on weekdays.

Let us create a clean mentality

Last Thursday (02/10/2012) we visited Bokor Mountain and we felt really happy to see the development of the area. The classic tour brought us to the ancient Bokorville downtown – where is the casino under re-construction, the church, etc. Afterward we decided to see the waterfall. As you will see in the next post, there is not water this month – dry season – but there is all this garbage. How can we do to end this national situation? When we are going to understand that we should not let garbage everywhere? It gives a terrible impression. It is a problem that affects everybody. It comes not only from people with too low educational level, but even from those suppose to be educators, leaders or well-educated people. Too many people go to enjoy the sea, the waterfalls, the ancient temples and they do not find other place to let their own garbage than in the same place. I was amazed of the observations of two ‘teachers’ coming with us: ‘Don’t worry! Others will pick it’ and ‘it is the problem of the government.‘ It seems the mentality of everyone in Cambodia. You can see luxury cars going around – with these  arrogant drivers without driving culture of respect for others – throwing garbage through the windows of their black cars!!! Then, it seems there is not hope to end it. Please, everybody – authorities, NGOs, mass media, police, military, schools, university, bloggers, social networks users, expatriates… – let us do an authentic campaign to create a clean culture in Cambodia. It is not that others will pick it and clean or it is not the duty of the government, it is the duty of everybody living in this country. Establish fines for dirty visitors that let their garbage everywhere, teach children that we are responsible of the garbage we produce… do something please!!!! So pity to find the Borkor Mountain like this…


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