A Malaysian plane during the technological revolution

Gulf of ThailandIt is already one week looking for a plane during the technological revolution, in a time where we can detect planets around stars located thousands of years light far from us or lead electronic wars whatever, including professional spies in US and Britain that can read emails of anybody on Planet Earth! This search is a shame for everybody, starting by the Malaysian government with an incompetent army unable to trace a plane that chanced its rout on the sky. Continue reading

From building Cambodia to build ASEAN Economic Community, AEC

NagaWorld, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

NagaWorld, Phnom Penh, Cambodia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Everybody involved in the development and reconstruction of Cambodia, should be reading and studying by now the Statement of the 20th ASEAN Summit hold in Phnom Penh on April 3 and 4. Here you can retrieve the full document. By sure, it will be the inspiration of many policy makers in the country as it is clearly declared : ‘We also agreed to work together based on the priorities to accelerate the building of the ASEAN Community by 2015 and to ensure the achievements of the ASEAN Community beyond 2015‘ (No. 2) It is, therefore, not only the concern of officials and the financial sector, but in a very special way, it must concern all Cambodian sectors, especially education, organizations working for human rights, environment protection, labor and many others. The coming three years must be followed with interest of how a country with so high levels of poverty and other problems, would contribute to the creation of a body such as AEC and how our people will join it. Continue reading

The mysterious object that fall on Thai-Cambodian border could be a satellite debris

Bangkok. The unidentified object that fall on the Sisaket Province, bordering Cambodia, could be a satellite debris, declared General Yutthasak Sasiprapa, Thai Defense Minister, reported by MCOT News. On Thursday, December 22 a mysterious object fell from the sky over Srisaket, a Thai village near the Cambodian territory in an empty farm. The noise produced the panic of the villagers that though it was another Thai-Khmer military clash. The Thai police went for inspection and concluded that it could be the part of an aircraft, but the identity still unknown. Military of both countries denied any fire of artillery or gunfire near the border. The Thai Ministry of Defense confirmed that it is likely the pieces of a satellite, probably belonging to ASEAN. The satellite did not burn after it enters to the earth, said the report. The Suranaree Thai airspace forces declared also that there were not shooting over any aircraft. Investigations are under way.

Scholarships for a university or polytechnic in New Zealand

New Zealand ASEAN Scholars Awards empower individuals with the knowledge, skills and qualifications to contribute to economic, social and political development within ASEAN nations. Continue reading

Give time to ASEAN

Expecting too much from ASEAN is not a good and healthy idea. It is already a regional miracle that a regional association could be established among so different nations. Countries with so high GDP like Brunei, Malaysia and Singapore, communist regimes like Vietnam and Laos, military regimes like Burma, developing nations like Cambodia, Indonesia and the Philippines… The only intention is already a great challenge and a positive outcome. The same principle of non-intervention, so defended for ones and much criticized by many, can be explained in that so heterogeneous group. Continue reading

Thailand does not want Indonesia’s observation

The Indonesian minister of foreign affairs, Marty Natalegawa, said to the minister of defense of Thailand, Prawit Wongsuwan, that the Cambodian government trust in the mediation of Indonesia to resolve the border conflict among both countries. Wongsuwan declared recently that Bangkok does not want an Indonesian observer in the area. Natalegawa said that Indonesia would be the best facilitator in the issue not only for its position as current chair of ASEAN, but also because its role in the mediation of domestic conflicts in Cambodia can be traced since the 1990’s. Natalewa insisted that Cambodia supports fully the role of Indonesia as negotiator because his country got also the mandate from the UN security council to assist in the bilateral dialogs between Cambodia and Thailand, due to the current position of Jakarta as chair of the Southeast Asian group. Natalewa manifested his dissatisfaction to the declarations of the Thai minister of defense Wongsuwan. He said that it is not possible to understand that if Thailand wants a cease fire, why it opposes an Indonesian observer.

TVKNews| ASEAN Tourism Forum

The ASEAN tourism forum in Phnom Penh has been very positive. Representatives of the Association of South East Asian Nations gathered in the capital to share ideas, projects and plans to develop an industry that can open the opportunities of development to the region. Cambodia is showing with proud its project of golf development. Continue reading