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When Tourism Becomes a Threat

As Globalization grows with optimistic numbers in every human sector – from technologies to communication and from economic [including the crisis] to the disappearance of geographical borders -, tourism is becoming also more and more global. It is easier in our time to plan the next holidays at the other side of the planet, as it was planning the same some decades ago to the other site of the county. Plane tickets’ cost have gone down as much as high technologies and the frontiers of our tiny planet came to be at the walking distance. In 2014 only 1.1 billion persons traveled around the world, according to the UNWTO World Tourism Barometer, with an increase of 4.5% over the previous year and it is estimated another jump of 4% in 2015. We are talking of numbers during an economic crisis period, so numbers will be much bigger in ‘better times’. Read More…


CNN International, Angkor Wat is in Cambodia… Oups!

CNN International

The joke of this weekend: CNN International wrote in its Facebook pageThailand’s Angkor Wat is only no. 6 – so what’s the world’s top landmark?” – Oups! The statement attracted the Royal Ministry of Tourism that learned them that Angkor Wat is in Cambodia:

Professional Media must pay attention. Sometime your word could kill thousands of people or the peace. CNN must know about this. In this case CNN should train staffs or recruit professional staffs to handle this work. We strongly hope CNN won create this mistake again (Cambodia Tourism Mag Ctm)

Indian replica of Angkor Wat

India is building a replica of Angor Wat. There’s nothing to fear for our original Cambodian Angkor Wat at all. Even if the replica is set to be biggest than ours, the Patna Angkor Naga will be, surely, so anonymous to many as the 30 replicas of the Tower Eiffel or the numberless replicas of the Statue of the Liberty. See in this forum the Chinese Wall’s replicas too with amazing photos. Now well, the Mahavir Mandir Trust, an organization known in the Bihar State for the construction of hospitals and religious compounds, is the responsible of the ambitions work. It will take about ten years – Angkor Wat took about 30 during the 12th century – and it will cost 20 million US dollars !!!   It will be located 40 kilometers outside Patna. It is understandable that a country where Hindu majority would like ‘to have’ the biggest Hindu complex of the world, that it’s not in India, but in Cambodia ! Anyway, Angkor Wat or Angkor Nagar was dedicated to Vishnu, but it was converted to Buddhism some centuries after. What it cannot be understood is to spend 20 million US dollars for a replica in a country with so big social gap as India.

Update: Here in Asia Times a good development of the growing discussion. A very good description with some curious reactions like the one of a university students at Phnom Penh worry for the lost of tourism if the replica is made – it seems that for this boy Angkor Wat is just a tourist attraction like Disneyland!!! -, the optimistic perspective of Sombo Manara, the deputy chairman of the history department at the Royal University of Phnom Penh, who says that ‘before we thought that all culture – like Brahmanism and Buddhism – came from India to Cambodia. But now why don’t we feel happy that our Cambodian culture is spreading back to India?’ and the funny answer of Acharya Kishore Kunal, the Mahavir Mandir Trust’s secretary, who never has come to Cambodia, who said that he is ‘slightly scared‘ to come because ‘some people [in Cambodia] want to throw shoes on me…’ Who!!! Please…

What Cambodians say about it? I asked my students to let a comment in our Facebook group – mostly in Khmer – about the news and we got the following reactions: Read More…

A trip proposal plan to Cambodia

If you come from any country of Europe, I would recommend you to take a flight to Bangkok. Then do not take the flight directly to Phnom Penh, but to Siem Reap Airport. Traveling back to your country, book your flight not from Siem Reap, but from Phnom Penh Airport. In this way, after visiting Siem Reap and the Angkor Wat sites, you go to Phnom Penh and visit the south of the country. Read More…

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