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African travelers

African travelers can face many immigration difficulties out of their continent for many reasons and Asia, a region that should be friendly with everybody, it’s not properly an open doors’ path, becoming sometimes nasty. It’s true that many African travelers have been got with drugs in countries like Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam, and some others have been arrested for online frauds in cooperation with local criminals. However, all those cases do not justify the evident discrimination at the moment to welcome a citizen from countries like Nigeria or Kenya.

Let us show how discriminatory some migration rules are in a country like Thailand with regards to Africans: The Bangkok jails are crowed with Australians, Frenchmen, British, Americans, Japanese guys, charged with crimes such as drug dealing, human trafficking, child abuse, online frauds… However, to the sight of any citizen from any of those “rich” countries, there is not the same hostile attitude as with any Nigerian arriving to a Thai airport. If we were so worry to stop Nigerians from introducing drugs, why you cannot apply the same too many conditions to citizens from all those “rich” countries? Of course, Australia, Britain… they provide much more money and belong to the “ideal lands” of the stupid dreamers. Many Thai and Cambodians do not know, for example, that Nigeria is their first consumer of the rice they produce (!) What do you think? That your exported rice is going to the selective French cuisines?

If you are an African traveler coming to Asia for tourism or business, as anybody in the world could do, get sure to collect all conditions and visas required by the different immigration system of these countries – the most demanding is Thailand, so far, but prepare yourself for other countries like Cambodia. In this link of the Thai embassy in UK, Nigerians, for example, can study the long list of conditions if they want to travel to the so called “country of the eternal smile…” (it seems smiling only to Europeans, but freezing on the face of Africans.)

Africans in Asia

Dedicated to all those good persons who suffer discrimination only for belonging to their country.


Khmer Cultural Night at Kep

Kep City – Even a time of meditation, peace and silence needs some fun. If you are in Kep this month or anywhere near such as Kampot, take a shower of cultural events. The Don Bosco Kep campus holds the weekly Cultural Night every Saturday at 7:30 PM with a traditional Cambodian meal, based, of course, in sea food, where crab is the main dish. Five traditional dances performed by Don Bosco students will give you an idea of the ancient civilizations of the Khmer.

Apsara in training.jpg

Don Bosco students train for the traditional and millennial Apsara dancing.

Read More…

Arriving to Cambodia

Here some of the ways to arrive to Cambodia from any corner of the Planet.

By plain

Cambodia has only three operating airports in its territory that are connected to international destinations. Most Cambodian regions have an older airport that is out of service since war times. With the Cambodian development, it is possible that we will have more operating airports in the future, but as for now, you can arrive to the following ones:

Phnom Penh International Airport

In the past it was called “Pochentong Airport” – now the name remains only for the big Avenue in front. It has direct connections with:

  • Guangzhou (China)
  • Hong Kong
  • Shanghái
  • Osaka (Japan)
  • Tokio
  • Seoul
  • Vientiane (Laos)
  • Kuala Lumpur
  • Singapore
  • Taipei
  • Bangkok
  • Ho Chi Minh City
  • Hanoi.

The distance between the Airport (at the west of the capital) to downtown (Royal Palace) is 11 kilometers through the Russian Federation Boulevard until the riverside. Be aware of heavy traffic at 6:00-8:00, 11:00-13:00 and 17:00-20:00. Read More…

Other Cambodian destinations

Let us try to make here an interesting list of those places beyond the Angkorian temples in Cambodia. It is a country with hidden paradises and adventures, full of wonderful peoples.

The Sambor Prei Kuk Temples

They are in Kompong Thom. The most important pre-Angkorian temples belonging to the Chenla period. They are enlisted to become UNESCO World Heritage. Read More…

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