Cambodia is a Constitutional Monarchy, which official name is KINGDOM OF CAMBODIA. In Khmer language it is ព្រះរាជាណាចក្រកម្ពុជា (Preah Riecheanchak Kampuchea). It is relatively a small country of 181,035 kilometers squares, two times smaller than the territory of France, but its Khmer culture goes beyond its borders, especially with the south of Vietnam (the Mekong Delta) where Khmer people is known as “Khmer Kraom” (Lower Cambodia – ខ្មែរកម្ពុជាក្រោម) and some provinces of Thailand like Surin where Khmer people is known as “Khmer Sarin” (ខ្មែរស៊ូរិន). Further than this, many tribes of Laos, Thailand and Vietnam – even Myanmar – keep blood linage with the Khmer people and the bigger family group “Mon-Khmer”. This situation comes from the time when most part of the Indochina Peninsula was the natural expansion area of the Khmer Empire (802-1431) that decayed during the 14th century to give birth to modern states.


The Khmer Empire included territory of what is today Cambodia, the south of Vietnam, Laos and Thailand.

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Khmer Language Learning Next Season at Don Bosco Kep

Dear all, we are near the opening of a new season of Don Bosco Kep Khmer Language Learning for foreigners based in the Kingdom of Cambodia. Kep Province is probably a great environment to learn Khmer:

  • It is an peaceful, beautiful, eco-friendly place with beaches, islands, hills, National Park, caves, pagodas, fisher villages, salt production, crabs and rice fields.
  • Studying at Don Bosco means to have the opportunity to practice with Cambodian young people and get the best Khmer Conversation from the most authentic Cambodian rural communities.


The classic course with the best Cambodian Language Study every created by Dr. Huffman. Get the book for the course. Get also a USB for audios of the lessons.

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Tum Teav alive today

If you want to understand many things of the Cambodian mentality and old traditions that still around, Tum Teav is a film you should watch. Although it is seen as an old story where mothers determine the husband for their daughters upon social and economic considerations, the true is that such practice continues present in modern Cambodia.

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Brexit & Cambodia

  • Experts predict little impact for ASEAN after Brexit.
  • Cambodia has its own economical agreements with UK that would gain more meaning in the coming months… it could be of benefit.
  • British tourism could be globally reduced in the coming months due to economical upheaval in UK after Brexit. Between January and February 2015, Cambodia welcomed 30,000 British tourists. 

Still too early to evaluate how the Brexit will affect the Cambodian economy. However, the event is currently in the heat of speculations from around the world in this unprecedented moment in the history of the European Union. Brexit, a short expression for Britain Exit [EU], was the referendum of the United Kingdom on its continuity as a member of EU, where 48.1 % voting to remain and 51.9 % winning the leave.

Samdech Hun Sen and Lord Puttman in October 2014 in Phnom Penh Cambodia UK relations

Samdech Hun Sen meets Lord David Puttman in October 2014 in Phnom Penh. At the time, Cambodian government urged UK to increase investments in the Asian country. Photo Chey Phoumipul, Courtesy AKP.

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