Your own travel advice

Cambodian Kep National Park

Welcome visitors or expatriates in Cambodia or Southeast Asia to post here in comments your own advice on travels, recommendations, denouncements, etc.

Feel free to speak about anything concerning hotels, restaurants, food, people, traditions, visa and passport issues, transport…

Think in other travelers or expatriates that will come. Share your experiences and moods. Remember, the topic is Cambodia or the Southeast Asian countries like Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore…


2 thoughts on “Your own travel advice

  1. in the airport of bangkok, there’s a taxi driver, his name Art, his phone 09800556443, I could not see the taxi’s #. When you wait to get a taxi, they give u the fee you must pay to go somewhere. This guy takes the fee from your hand, don’t let u to see it and ask u more than 700 bhats. If a taxi driver in the airport of bankok does it, please leave that taxi and return to the line. The man is about 1,70, dark, thin, he gave me his #phone because I wasn’t aware he was overcharging me. His number phone 0890055643. Don’t trust in Mr. Art.

    • If you come new to a city in tropical countries like Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, trust in taxi drivers is not a good idea. I got once in Ho Chi Minh City a man who wants to ask me 50 USD to bring me from the bus to the hotel. I knew the hotel and it is normally 2 USD by moto, so a taxi should not be more than 6USD. The problem is that currency like dong, bhat, riel, confuses very much. It is better to investigate online what is the real fee from one place to another. Abandon a taxi is a good option, but be careful.

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