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Blockages in the online visa system

Recently, some readers emailed me to report that the online visa service got some technical troubles and how they could apply for their visas. I contacted Mr. Chin Sochea, e-Visa Manager, and he answered by email:

‘We ‘re sorry for inconvenience caused to e-Visa system.
I am pleased to inform you that e-Visa got little bit problem to e-Visa website,
Now it work properly please you try to RE-APPLY.’

I recommend also to rely in the Visa Upon Arrival system. This system is not permitted to citizens of the following countries: Afghanistan; Algeria; Bangladesh; Iran; Iraq; Pakistan; Saudi Arabia; Sri Lanka; and Sudan. If you are a citizen of any of these countries, you must proceed your Cambodian visa in an embassy or consulate. You must have a sponsor letter or the invitation of any company, organization or travel agency and a valid return ticket.

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