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Nuon Chea and Khieu Samphan… the rest of their life!

Photo Courtesy ECCC.

Photo Courtesy ECCC.

Let us make speculations of this news of the verdict of Khieu Samphan and Nuon Chea by ECCC this week. Let us suppose that it was not ECCC but a Khmer Rouge tribunal to investigate their cases leaded by… Duch, for example: first both seniors would endured long sessions of torture. Why to take the fatigue to look for witnesses and ask experts when you have all those S-21 practical machines to make Khieu Samphan and Nuon Chea to confess their crimes? Even more, such tribunal would be delighted to make them confess others’ crimes, so a good method to reduce more papers. It is the way they dealt during their time as leaders of Kampuchea Democratic. Even more, both would be condemned to execution and an awful execution as they were at the killing fields. Read More…


Young people talk about the Case 002’s first hearing

Sihanoukville (06.27.2011). Students of the social communication & journalism department of the Don Bosco Technical School followed the first hearing of Case 002 for the prosecution of four surviving senior leaders of the Democratic Kampuchea regime (1975-1979). Read More…

Cambodia’s Khmer Rouge four on trial

Euronews. The UN-backed trial of the top surviving members of Cambodia’s Khmer Rouge regime has finally got under way in Phnom Penh. The four defendants include the now 84-year-old Nuon Chea, or Brother Number 2, the chief ideologist behind Pol Pot’s “Killing Fields” revolution.

What do you know about the Khmer Rouge senior leaders to be prosecuted?

Sihanoukville The University of California made a survey this week with 1,000 Cambodians if they knew the names of the Khmer Rouges senior leaders to be prosecuted by ECCC. Only 10 percent could say the names. The students of journalism of the Don Bosco Technical School of Sihanoukville made their own survey asking 210 persons of the school campus the same question. None of them could say the full names and they did not know when the prosecution will start.

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