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Official visit to journalists’ school in Sihanoukville


HE Ao Saren with Fr. Ly Samnang and other representatives of the Sihanoukville Department of Information at the Don Bosco Social Communication and Journalism Section on July 2, 2014. Photo Courtesy CEN.

Sihanoukville. HE Ao Saren, Director of the Sihanouk Province Department of Information, paid a visit to the Social Communication and Journalism Section of the Don Bosco Technical School yesterday (07.02.2014) with all his team, including official media representatives for press, radio and television. The official was welcomed by Fr. Samnang (Albeiro Rodas), Fr. Eugene Xalxo, Don Bosco Sihanoukville Headmaster Mr. Ouch Sambo, Social Communication Manager King Mao, teachers, volunteers and students. Read More…


This is the kind of journalism politicians dream

This is the kind of journalism we all needThis is the kind of journalism certain politicians dream. In fact, some of them intend to give lessons to journalists of what to say and what to silence, making puppets to amuse the public, more as a kind of television show presenter than what we understand certainly as journalism: that representative of democracy with the duty to inform what is happening, putting it into historical, social and cultural context and analyzing it toward a future development of the events in order to light our decisions. As British play-writer Tom Stoppard said: I still believe that if your aim is to change the world, journalism is a more immediate short-term weapon. And US fiction science writer Ray Bradbury: Journalism keeps you planted in the earth.



An Al Jazeera documentary on Cambodian’s orphan business

Juliana Ruhfus of the Al Jazeera‘s People & Power program gets into the evident fake of several Cambodian orphanages using children and volunteers to get profit. She discovers for example that many of these centers do not complaint with the law, neither with the minimum conditions to guarantee the safety and healthy growing of the children they argue to protect. Foreign volunteers are brought to these centers without requiring criminal records, while other centers are in connection with tourist agencies to put their orphanages as tourist destinations. Good work from Al Jazeera! See the video documentary this link.

The successful laptop experiment

‘I can conclude that young people are always open to listen proposals and those proposals must keep vision for a best society.’

In 2009 I did an experiment with all my students of journalism in Sihanoukville: I told them something like this:

‘When I studied journalism in my city, I didn’t have actually computers, but I used an old typewriter. Read More…

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