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Water level of the Mekong Delta

Mekong water level through the years

      I found this this water level measurement in a Cham´s village near Can Tho and it was very much interesting to see how the different floods fluctuate along the years. A good topic within this April drought and the sea level increase that is putting in danger the Mekong Delta. Following this local measurement, I built that diagram that traces the flood level since 1994. It is possible to see that every 5 years there is a big flood, being the most important the one of April 2000 (I remember it very well). The 2000 flood reached 2 meters up (you can see in my own photo). Following this graphic, it is possible to predict that we will get a big flood this or next year, since the last big flood was in 2010.

       I found very wise the policy to adapt people to the sea intrusion, as the Vietnamese government is doing. But it needs also other meaningful adaptations such as the recovery of the jungle and the construction of of very expensive and super-technological floodgates (welcome Dutch people). But this fight against sea intrusion must not be seen as something of individual countries. In the case of the Mekong Delta, it does not affect Vietnam alone, but it includes Cambodia, while all countries along the Mekong basin should join together in a race against time.


Cambodia feels the hottest year on record

Cambodia draught and fires April 16 2016

In the middle of the dessert view, the green spots are consumed by uncontrolled fires caused by plastic garbage or vandals willing to clean the land from vegetation.

       Global warming is here and we caused it. On Friday, April 15, the temperature in Phnom Penh reached 40 degrees Celsius at midday, not so much different from Saigon, Bangkok and Vientiane, marking a Southeast Asian drought that is already concerning the economies of the region.   Read More…

Elephants recovery from global warnming

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Visiting the Central World Plaza, the sixth largest shopping center of the planet at the Bangkok downtown, you cannot skip to admire the bronze elephants’ sculpture at the side of the Ratchadamri Avenue. It is not possible to see who’s the artist, but it seems to keep an influence by Colombian international recognized sculptor Fernando Botero. Thinking on it, I looked for the author and it is not a Boteros’ work, but it is named Elephants recovery from global warming, a gift by Central Pattana and Thai Beverage Public Company on December 2009 (2552 in Thailand.) It is made by three elephants: mother, father and a baby searching for water, represented in the beautiful fountains at the site. The art calls the attention on global warming and the need to preserve our planet. The elephant is a national symbol in Thailand.

Copenhagen 2009, Delaying the Urgent

Copenhaguen 2009 by Haro

The political leaders of the world could not reach a satisfactory agreement on the climate change to save the earth in Copenhagen 2009.

The time is getting short for the earth. Read More…

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