ICJ press release| Request for interpretation of the Judgment of 15 June 1962 in the Case concerning the Temple of Preah Vihear

Request for the indication of provisional measures. The Court finds that both Parties must immediately withdraw their military personnel currently present in the provisional demilitarized zone defined by it,
and refrain from any military presence within that zone and from any armed activity directed at that zone. Continue reading

Cambodian and Thai ministers of defense to meet in Jakarta

Phnom Penh. The minister of defense of Cambodia, Tea Banh, said this morning at the Pochengton Airport that he will meet his Thai counterpart, Prawit Wongsuwon, this Wednesday evening in Jakarta during the 5th ASEAN meeting of ministers of defense. Tea Banh mentioned also that the meeting with Wongsuwon is prepared by the Indonesian minister of defense, Purnomo Yusgiantoro. Both leaders will speak about the border conflict.

Buddhist bi-national march for peace during the Visakha Bochea

Sa Kheo, Tailandia – Banteay Meanchey, Camboya. Promoted by the intellectual Buddhist Thai leader Sulak Sivaraksa, a group of monks of the Thai province of Sa Kheo and the Cambodian province of Banteay Meanchey, did a march for peace among the two countries in the Dhamma Yatra pilgrimage. The activity was framed inside the celebrations of the Visak Bochea that remembers the birth, enlightening and passing away of Buddha that, according to the tradition, occurred miraculously during the same month and date.  The Thai group left from the Mai Sai pagoda in the Aranyaprathet district and their Cambodian colleagues from the O’Chrov pagoda district. They met at the international Thai-Khmer Friendship bridge. The activities were made by prayers and lighting of candles for peace and they will continue until tomorrow Wednesday at the Mai Sai pagoda. Cambodia and Thailand are among the most Buddhist countries of the planet and they shared the same school of Theravada Buddhism. The Joint Dhamma Yatra is a bi-national effort to promote peace and friendship among both countries.

International Court of Justice 1962 sentence over the Preah Vihear Temple

The Hague, 15 June, 1962. In its Judgement delivered today, the Court, by nine votes to three, found that the Temple of Preah Vihear was situated in territory under the sovereignty of Cambodia and, in consequence, that Thailand was under an obligation to withdraw any military or police forces, or other guards or keepers, stationed by her at the Temple, or in its vicinity on Cambodian territory. Continue reading

Cambodia is not a small not a weak nation

Moliere, the French actor and writer of the 17th century said that the greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it. Recently I got an email of a concern Cambodian suggesting that the United States should come ‘to defend the country‘ from the ‘Thai aggressions.’​​​​​ Along the last 8 troublesome days of clashes between the two armies in Preah Vihia and Oddor Meanchey, I listened others saying that Cambodia would receive the support of Vietnam or China in the event of a war against Thailand. Of course, it came from some persons, but it shows a certain idea that Thailand is bigger and military superior to Cambodia that in fact is true. I do not have the single idea why a country like United States that bombed so heavily Cambodia during the 1960s, would come to ‘help‘ it now, in which way and with which interest – Cambodia has not meaningful reserves of oil, just to give an example, then it is not a Kuwait. Or how would be possible that Vietnam would get involved in a Cambodian-Thailand border dispute when it itself has had border disputes with Cambodia, although it is not said. What we have to learn in Cambodia is that no country of this planet would get involved in a war at least it has an evident interest. What Cambodia has to learn is to play with its own possibilities and believe in its own capacities. I think that Cambodia is not a small or weak country and that Thailand must learn to respect its neighbors. Continue reading

European Parliament condems border clashes between Cambodia and Thailand

The European Parliament ,

– having regard to its resolutions of 13 January 2005, 10 March 2005, 19 January 2006, 15 March 2007 and 21 October 2010 on Cambodia and its resolutions of 20 May 2010 on Thailand and of 1 December 2005 on the human rights situation in Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam, Continue reading

A report from the Preah Vihia border

Albeiro, thank you for your analysis and clear standpoint which I almost completely agree with. As you I stay in this country for a long time (15y) already. And I just came back from Preah Vihear trying to visit the temple as a photo journalist the second time after 10 years (at that time with a Thai friend). At the base of the mountain I couldn’t enter the temple itself because another Thai fight just begun… I saw burning spots at the mountain side. With my Cambodian friend I talked to representatives of APSARA and Preah Vihear Protection Authority. Next to their house they had just build a little air-raid shelter from concrete pipes covered with sand. A weak protection I thought… Continue reading