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Truck overturned at Tomnop Kop Srov Rd.

Truck overturned in Phnom Penh


Truck overturned in Phnom Penh2


Phnom Penh. A heavy truck overturned last night at Tomnop Kop Srov Road in Phnom Penh. Not victims reported, as well as not reasons known. Photos by Sokkorn Pel.


Another chain of dead accident in a well

Kroche. On 2nd of June seven persons died in Siem Reap, among them 4 children, trying to take out a bill note from a well (see Phnom Penh Post.) Something similar happened this weekend in Kroche, though the casualties were less. A man fell inside a well trying to rescue his dog in Lo Iek Village, Chroy Banteay Commune, Praek Prosoph District, Kroche Province, northern Cambodia. As soon as the man fall, his neighbour ran to his rescued and also fall inside. The mother of the first man, seeing that they did not come out, went also inside, making three deaths this Saturday. There are not further reports on this incident that demonstrate a lack of culture on security among the rural populations. In Cambodia wells are very important for the provision of water, however, they remain in very poor conditions, open to the free access of children and with lack of hygienic practices.

Gold miner died in Battambang

Photo Courtesy Dap News.

Chea Somieng, 29, died in Battambang. Photo Courtesy Dap News.

Battambang. A miner, Chea Somieng, 29, died when the land he was digging with other 3, sank, falling several meters inside of what could be an old well in Chumka Srav Village, Barang Chalak Commune, Phnom Prik District, Battambang Province, near the border with Thailand. Somieng went to look for gold with other three miners at the yard of the house of Mr. Phiek Ieth last Saturday afternoon. According to the report of Sok Sothoat, chief of the Distrital police, the incident happened at 4:30 PM. His companions tried to take him out, but the humidity of the land made the process slow and they could recover only the body of Somieng at 11 PM. Mining is normally an unregulated activity in Cambodia performed without security measures.

Read more in Dap News.

A Malaysian plane during the technological revolution

Gulf of ThailandIt is already one week looking for a plane during the technological revolution, in a time where we can detect planets around stars located thousands of years light far from us or lead electronic wars whatever, including professional spies in US and Britain that can read emails of anybody on Planet Earth! This search is a shame for everybody, starting by the Malaysian government with an incompetent army unable to trace a plane that chanced its rout on the sky. Read More…

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