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Cambodian traffic practices

If you intend to drive a car, a motorbike, a bicycle or just take walks on Cambodian roads or streets, please take in account the following practices. Yes, officially, the international traffic law is in force in Cambodia and there are campaigns to educate people in how to follow the traffic rules, but… one thing is on paper, another is on the streets… so for your safety and the one of others, follow this recommendations:

  • Cambodian drivers do not use driving license. It means that anybody with the possibility to move a vehicle, can drive, no matter if that person is 10 years old, has vision problems or never have been in a driving school. Technically there are several driving schools in each Cambodian province, but it does not mean that 100% of Cambodian drivers attend them. In theory yes, but few follow the driving lessons and the final exam is arranged by a dollar note. Police enforcement never requests driving license – at least it is about a foreigner to whom they would like to get some extra incomes. In particular, there is not driving license condition for motorbike drivers, so you can see children of 8 to 15 driving motorbikes on the roads, without any care for traffic rules – just because they never have been in a driving school.

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Deported from Cambodia


Getting angry and screaming before Cambodian authorities is useless. In general, Cambodians don’t shout and consider it very childless. Even if you are right, it will not help your case. Keep calm, smile a lot and they will be more supportive. In any case, if you do not have the due procedure, you have to follow the law, so do it.

       Cambodia, as any other country, has the right to expel aliens from its territory in a lawful way. The conditions to expel an alien is described in the Law on Immigration (1994) and aliens are under the control of the Ministry of Interior.

       Any visitor to the Kingdom of Cambodia must complaint with the national legislation. This condition happens in all countries around the world, therefore, if you have to pay a fine for situations like overstaying, don’t come out with the argument that “it is a corrupt” country. Your own country will do similar actions or even worst procedures with any alien overstaying in your country or breaking the law.  Read More…

Spanish fugitive arrested in Sihanoukville

Artur Segarra

One of the photos of Artur Segarra that was broadcast by the Thai media, allowing his identification by the public.

A man of 37 years old, Artur Segarra, in his run from the Thai police, was arrested by the authorities of Sihanoukville last Sunday and deported to the neighboring country on Monday morning to answer as main suspect in the disappearance and atrocious murder of the Spanish businessman David Bernat, whose body was found at the Chao Phraya river. The crime attracted the Thai media, allowing his easy identification, so he entered illegally into Cambodia searching for refuge, but was identified by some people on the Sihanoukville’s beach.  Read More…

Cambodian perception 2015

  • Cambodians think that there are too many migrants, Muslims and Christians in the country and that 33 % of Cambodians are working abroad. These wrong perceptions can come from lack of information or bias. 

“Perceptions are not reality” is the slogan of the 2015 survey by Ipsos MORI’s on Perils of Perception in 33 countries of the six continents, excluding Cambodia. The study asked questions such as obesity, non-religious, immigration, 25-34 living with parents, average age, population aged under 14, female politicians, female employment, rural living and internet access and built a table – the index of ignorance – from the least to the most accurate countries in their perception over those realities. Ipsos MORI chose the two Asian giants, India and China for the research, discovering that India is the second least accurate country after Mexico, and China got a good place: 25 out of 28, overcome by Poland, Ireland and South Korea.

Cambodian men

Cambodia is estimated to be one of the Asian countries with the youngest population of the continent for the rest of the century.

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