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Cambodian cuisine

The Cambodian food is generally overlooked, even by some expatriates who have lived in the country for years. In the Southeast Asian region, the most internationally famous cuisines come from Thailand and Vietnam. You can find Thai and Viet restaurants in all continents, but it is more uncommon to see a Cambodian restaurant – though there are. As many other things of the Cambodian culture, its cuisine has been hidden by decades of wars and conflicts, but we are in the golden time of tourism and knowing it can be a delicious adventure.

Before the 2004’s Cambodian tourism boom and due to high poverty and economic stagnation, good restaurants were about international food – Western, especially French, Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese. Cambodian restaurants were places with poor hygienic avoided by foreigners that were afraid of getting an infection.  Read More…

Cambodian culture

The Cambodian Culture includes many cultural representations from different human groups present in the Cambodian territory, but also outside the country. Although the Khmer Ethnic is the major group in Cambodia, there are also other ethnic minority groups that make a great contribution to the national identity. But Khmer is also an ethnic minority in other countries, especially in the Thai province of Sarim and in the Vietnamese Mekong Delta. In Thailand they are known as Khmer-Sarim and in the Vietnam as Khmer Krom (from Low Cambodia). With the migration of Cambodians to other continents and their eventual return – many of them born abroad – it is possible to speak about Khmer-American (Khmericans in short), Khmer-French, etc.  Read More…

Cambodian history

Cambodian History is long and complicated. It comes from the fact that Cambodia has been always at the center of regional and global interests. It is right at the center of the Southeast Asia and the Indochina Peninsula. In this way, we have a small country where other big ones have been always poring their nose. If Thailand is proud to be the only country of the world that never has been invaded by another nation, Cambodia must be proud to has survived centuries of attempts to make it part of others. The Cambodian spirit has shown to the powerful what resistance means.

Here a short summary of the Cambodian History for beginners. 

Cambodia as a people has a story of two thousand years and it begins when the Brahmins of India arrived to the Indochina Peninsula and mixed with the ancient local tribes – an older mixture of Sino-Mongolian and Australasian peoples traced in the region since 12 thousand years ago. Any attempt to see Cambodians or any other Southeast Asian country as a single race will crush with the fact that it is a region of human encounters between different races.  Read More…

About Cambodia

Cambodia is the modern state that is a descendant from the ancient Khmer Empire of the centuries 9th to 14th that ruled the Indochina Peninsula. It makes Cambodia one of the melting pot of the Southeast Asian Region. As Thailand has been the most famous country of the Region in the Western World, while Cambodia has been hidden due to years of bloody conflicts, it remains a very unknown place. It is little known that some cultural elements of other Southeast Asian countries have something to see with the ancient Cambodian Kingdom. For example, many languages have to see with the Mon-Khmer linguistic family. Thai, Lao and even Vietnamese languages, have many roots in Khmer and many tribal dialects in Myanmar and Malaysia. The martial arts of the Region like the Muay Thai, Muay Lao, Lethwei and others keep relation with the most ancient form of kickboxing: Bokator (defeat the lion), the old Khmer war martial art and its most modern version the Prodal Srei (free fighting).

The Cambodian infrastructure for tourism has improved and the country is now in the route of international destination with modern systems of e-visa and visa upon arrival that welcomes most countries of the world. As its major religion is Theravada Buddhism, it shares many cultural similarities with its neighbouring countries like Thailand and Laos, as well as a regional integration with Vietnam. In the Thai province of Surin and the Mekong Delta of Vietnam, there are many Khmer ethnical groups that share a big relation with their Cambodian siblings.

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