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African travelers

African travelers can face many immigration difficulties out of their continent for many reasons and Asia, a region that should be friendly with everybody, it’s not properly an open doors’ path, becoming sometimes nasty. It’s true that many African travelers have been got with drugs in countries like Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam, and some others have been arrested for online frauds in cooperation with local criminals. However, all those cases do not justify the evident discrimination at the moment to welcome a citizen from countries like Nigeria or Kenya.

Let us show how discriminatory some migration rules are in a country like Thailand with regards to Africans: The Bangkok jails are crowed with Australians, Frenchmen, British, Americans, Japanese guys, charged with crimes such as drug dealing, human trafficking, child abuse, online frauds… However, to the sight of any citizen from any of those “rich” countries, there is not the same hostile attitude as with any Nigerian arriving to a Thai airport. If we were so worry to stop Nigerians from introducing drugs, why you cannot apply the same too many conditions to citizens from all those “rich” countries? Of course, Australia, Britain… they provide much more money and belong to the “ideal lands” of the stupid dreamers. Many Thai and Cambodians do not know, for example, that Nigeria is their first consumer of the rice they produce (!) What do you think? That your exported rice is going to the selective French cuisines?

If you are an African traveler coming to Asia for tourism or business, as anybody in the world could do, get sure to collect all conditions and visas required by the different immigration system of these countries – the most demanding is Thailand, so far, but prepare yourself for other countries like Cambodia. In this link of the Thai embassy in UK, Nigerians, for example, can study the long list of conditions if they want to travel to the so called “country of the eternal smile…” (it seems smiling only to Europeans, but freezing on the face of Africans.)

Africans in Asia

Dedicated to all those good persons who suffer discrimination only for belonging to their country.


The Threat of Garbage

It’s Khmer New Year B.E. 2561 and we should choose a better topic to celebrate here. But I refuse to go to the Kep Beach to see the many visitors from Phnom Penh for a reason: garbage. At this very moment, while all Cambodians celebrate the new year with all happiness and cheh, cheh, cheh… all Cambodian beautiful spots are target of thousands of plastic, empty bottles, polystyrene utensils, all, spread everywhere by the happy Cambodian families celebrating with joy and love the Khmer New Year. Garbage on the pagodas, garbage along the roads, garbage on beaches and garbage on the national parks… practically every single corner of the country where a good road can reach for their vehicles.

Garbage at the waterfall

The beautiful waterfall of Cathien in Ratanakiri… You can walk behind the waterfall, on ancient caves carved by the stream. But even here you find plastic bottles… The people who let them, surely enjoy the beauty of the place, but their mind was too short to understand that they could bring their garbage with them and they preferred to let them here…

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Working in Cambodia

If you want to work in Cambodia, be aware of the following facts:

  • Cambodia is a country of low income. It means that the minimum wage is $150 per month. Foreigners with a professional background could get between $500 and $1,000.
  • You must get the Business Visa – now you can apply for it online or upon arrival… a visa for 6 to 12 months. Some westerners look down on Cambodian authorities and stay in the country without a legal permit, thinking that they are smarter… most of these smart guys have been deported as fast as they think. Get your proper permissions on time.
  • Cambodia needs a lot of skilfull personnel for its development. There is a big young population but the skill formation remains low. It gives a lot of opportunities for professional foreigners – for now…. until the Cambodian youth get the point and take those places.

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Cambodian traffic practices

If you intend to drive a car, a motorbike, a bicycle or just take walks on Cambodian roads or streets, please take in account the following practices. Yes, officially, the international traffic law is in force in Cambodia and there are campaigns to educate people in how to follow the traffic rules, but… one thing is on paper, another is on the streets… so for your safety and the one of others, follow this recommendations:

  • Cambodian drivers do not use driving license. It means that anybody with the possibility to move a vehicle, can drive, no matter if that person is 10 years old, has vision problems or never have been in a driving school. Technically there are several driving schools in each Cambodian province, but it does not mean that 100% of Cambodian drivers attend them. In theory yes, but few follow the driving lessons and the final exam is arranged by a dollar note. Police enforcement never requests driving license – at least it is about a foreigner to whom they would like to get some extra incomes. In particular, there is not driving license condition for motorbike drivers, so you can see children of 8 to 15 driving motorbikes on the roads, without any care for traffic rules – just because they never have been in a driving school.

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