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Châu Đốc is a city on the Mekong Delta route that is worthy to see. It is located in the An Gian Province, right at the border with Cambodian Kandal Province and the Hâu River, a branch of the Mekong. I arrived to Châu Đốc from Kep, crossing to Hatien and taking a bus to Châu Đốc by an interesting border road. It takes only two hours. Other people take tours from Phnom Penh by boat, but it is longer and even more expensive. The Sam Mountain is an attraction and as it is at the Cambodian border, it is possible to see the sun set on Kandal plains. The population in this province belongs to three ethnic groups: Vietnamese, Khmer and Cham (Muslims), making a region of beautiful cultural contrasts and tolerance.

pinaple at the Mekong

There are many good hotels and many tour options of different cost, including the tour to Saigon crossing the next Mekong biggest town: Can Tho.

As in any place, be ware of scam tours and get recommendations online or in hotels.

I took the tour of a local guy, whose name is Vang, who said “I can bring you where no other tours will bring you”. As always, you become suspicious, but he provides a piece of paper with the following offers:

Tours offered by Mr. Vang in Chau Doc (3)

       At least the information can help us to understand how to access things in Châu Đốc, though Vang demonstrated to be a honest guide. In this paper (April 9, 2016), the tour cost 20 USD for 6 hours in motorbike to see the Tra Su forest, the Sam Mountain and countryside villages.

Tours offered by Mr. Vang in Chau Doc (1)

       This is another option, but take in account that he is offering all these things in 3 hours (although it is written up “one day“, using the boat and the motorbike. In boat he will bring you to the floating market, floating village, the Cham village and around the river for 12 dollars. Then, for other 12 dollars, in the afternoon, the same schedule around the Sam Mountain. I took this last one of the afternoon and it was satisfactory. But it is in motorbike, so it can be a little tiresome. There you can find the phone numbers of Vang. His English is really good. Remember: this is only one option, but you will find many others, but with this, we can see what it is to see in Châu Đốc.

Tours offered by Mr. Vang in Chau Doc (2)

       This is also of great interest, because here you can see how to reach the next Mekong big town from Châu Đốc. To reach Can Tho from Châu Đốc you can choose many options and two kind of transports: by bus (two hours) and by boat.

       By boat we have two kinds:

  • Direct SLOW boat, 10 hours…
  • Direct FAST boat, 4 hours…

If you want to contemplate the Mekong, you are not in a hurry, try the slow boat.

the drivers of Vang

The moto-drivers of Vang. If you are ready to stay on a motorbike for 3 hours, try these guys.



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