Motorbikes cause 90% of road accidents

Jen Try student card

A sad news for the end of our year. Jen Try was a 21 young man from Kompung Trach District, Kampot Province. The second son of seven in a farmer poor family. In August 2011 he traveled from his original place to apply for any technical section of Don Bosco Sihanoukville. He was fortunate to pass in the automotive section. But the fortune was over yesterday 29th December, just when the technical school was celebrating its Christmas lottery for fundraising.

At about 15:00 he and other student asked a third one to lend them his motorbike. The other accepted and Try drove it, bringing the companion with him. They traveled from the Oupram village to Stung Haw, at the other side of the Sihanouk Peninsula, when they crushed against another motorbike that was bringing other two young men. Both drivers died, while their respectively companions still in the hospital.

This is of course sad for all of us who knew Try, but it is even more worry to know that 90% of traffic accidents in Cambodia is of motorcycles (see Road Safety Cambodia), while a report by the Ministry of Interior said last October that during the first ten months of 2012, a number of 1,589 persons died in Cambodia due to road accidents.

Jen Try funeral

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