No payment for visit BOKOR Mountain!

I feel satisfy with this notice. Months ago any foreigner, even expatriates based in Cambodia or working in humanitarian organizations, were charged to visit the place. Now no more. I have to check at the Wat Phnom if there is a similar policy. It is good to end this annoying practice more near to begging than developing, asking money from foreigners for everything or establishing a different Barang pricing, even to use some dirty toilets.

One thought on “No payment for visit BOKOR Mountain!

  1. Thanks for allowing all foreigners to visit every where like mount Bokor . This is the right one because when they entered to most places like this and when they went back to their country they show all of those actions , pictures , to their families or people in those country . this is the right one way which attracted more visitors to Cambodia . One more reason is that some foreigners are helping to develop our country like poor youths , poor children so they are most important development key that we are need .like the fish needs water to live in or to keep on living.

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