Young people talk about the Case 002’s first hearing

Sihanoukville (06.27.2011). Students of the social communication & journalism department of the Don Bosco Technical School followed the first hearing of Case 002 for the prosecution of four surviving senior leaders of the Democratic Kampuchea regime (1975-1979).

I feel a little disappointed when I saw Noun Chea, then he talked a little and left the room, he seems not to respect the tribunal, then everything became boring for me‘ said one of the students who followed the live transmission by CTN.

I think this is good, but I think is something of the pass, so I can get interest for a moment, but after I feel I have other things to do,’ said other student in this interview.

I think this is a great moment for the country. When I came to Cambodia 12 years ago, I could see the consequences of the disaster, now I see that something is done to make justice, I hope this will be a great opportunity to open the way, so Cambodia become an island of peace,’ said our director.

One thought on “Young people talk about the Case 002’s first hearing

  1. Prime Minister Hun Sen has created a very clever strategy on the matter: let’s forgive and forget the past. This is a true Buddhist approach to the Khmer Rouge problem.

    Samdech Hun Sen has been raised in a wat. He knows what the Lord Buddha said.

    The trial conducted by the Un-sponsored court is a revenge against geriatrics who already have their own past and ghosts to cope with.

    Let those old people be freed and live together with their former victims and comrades.

    There is no need to inflict jail time to them nor to other people who at the time was involved with the KR regime.

    The whole story MUST be forgiven, if we want a new Cambodia without internal rifts or bad memories.

    What’s done is done.

    Jesus Christ taught all of us to forgive even our enemies, and the Mahatma Gandhi confirmed this way to cope with old matters and divisions.

    As a believer, I agree with my master Jesus.

    Pietro Hublitz

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