Cambodia is 38 in the failed states index 2011

Sihanoukville. Cambodia is 38 in the failed states index 2011, just behind Tajikistan and Uzbekistan and just a little better than Burkina Faso and Togo. In the Southeast Asian region, Burma won the first position as the most failed states, according to the index with the position 18, while Thailand (79) and Vietnam (88) were inside the borderline group. Indonesia (64), Philippines (50) and Laos (46), were sharing with Cambodia in the in danger position. Somalia is the 2011 top world failed nation with Sudan, Chad, Democratic Republic of Congo and Iraq, doing the five top positions.

The term ‘failed state’ is controversial. The general idea is that it is a weak state that lost its presence in part of its own territory and is unable to fulfill with the basic services of its own population. Generally, countries with political conflicts or a high level of poverty and corruption, are considered ‘failed states’, a concept developed by geopolitical analysts and journalists.

The 2011 index means that Cambodia is falling: in 2009 it was at the 49 position, in 2010 it was 42 and now it is 38. A general context of administrative corruption, the evident growth of the social inequality gap and problems with human rights, could be the reason why the country is enlisted as a failed state.

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