Cambodian way of greeting

How Cambodians greet? Mr. Sophat explains in Don Bosco Talk the five positions to greet in Cambodia. It is known as the ‘Sampheah,’ where you join your hands at the level of your chest, chin, nose, eyebrows or over the head. Each position is directed to a different kind of person. Cambodians do not shake hands, kiss or hug in public. It is not polite to touch a person of the other gender. Cambodians do not ask for the personal name when they know a new acquaintances. It is more important to ask for the age in order to know how to manage the relations: to call you ‘older’ or ‘younger’ brother or sister, aunt, uncle, nephew or niece, son or daughter, grandchild or grandpa or ma. Cambodians respect everybody as a big family, for this reason they do not use the personal name of others to often.

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