Hun Sen suspended mine project at Cardamom Mountains

The Cambodian primer minister Hun Sen suspended a big mine project of titanium to the happiness of several environmental observers like Mongabay site, Wildlife Alliance and The Phnom Penh Post newspaper that have campaigned in the defense of one of the virgin jungles of the country. The move of the primer minister was unexpected, said different resources that already lost hope in hold such project that was expected to produce incomes for 1.3 billion US dollars per year according to the promotions of the Cambodian Economic Group. However, observers questioned such conclusions of the economists and suggested that the project was not going to be so successful for the economy while destroying a vulnerable environment that is the house of several endemic species like the Siamese crocodile, the Indochina tiger, the Malaysian bear and the natural migration route of Asian elephants.


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One response to “Hun Sen suspended mine project at Cardamom Mountains”

  1. Billy says :

    What is the Khmer word or reference for Cardamom Mountains? When I was in Battambong,my guide did not seem to understand what I wanted to see?

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