6.8 magnitude earthquake shook Myanmar and Thailand

This Thursday an earthquake of magnitud 6.8 shook the border between Thailand and Myanmar, reported USGS. The epicenter was located in Myanmar (20.705°N, 99.949°E) and a deph of 10 kilometers (6.2 miles) and it was felt in Chian Rai (Thailand), Yunjinghong (Yunnan Province in China), Rangoon (Myanmar) and Bangkok. Three aftershocks came: 4.8 the first, 5.4 the second and 5.0 the last. The Asian Institute of Technology said to The Bangkok Post that there is a possibility of a big magnitude earthquake in the Kanchanabury faul line with the Thai provinces of Chiang Mai and Pennung Warnitchai. The biggest damages were at the Myanmar side where the epicenter was located. There is a report of 74 dead victims and one in Thailand. According to the last reports, about 111 persons were injured. The Myanmar television was showing damaged houses and roads. They said that about 244 houses were destroyed and also some Buddhist monasteries. Some humanitarian organizations try to read the area in Myanmar, like the Red Cross, Crescent and Doctors without Borders, but the access if difficult to one of the poorest Myanmar provinces. Bangkok, a metropoli of more than ten million persons, was also shaken and there was a power outage, but there was not big damages.



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