Blogger helped to stop labor abuse of a Cambodian in Malaysia

On 18th March, Khmerization has published an article titled ‘A Cambodian maid S.O.S for help after being tortured by her Malaysian employer which described about the plight of a Cambodian maid in Malaysia who had claimed to have been detained and torutred by her Malaysian employer for over a year. The article was emailed to more than 400 people, including the Malaysian embassy in Cambodia and the Kuala Lumpur Police.

Khmerization had received many sympathetic and positive responses, including Mr. Ou Virak of Cambodian Centre for Human rights and Ms. Aimee of Chab Dai Coalition who offered to help. Khmerization has not had a response from the Malaysian embassy, but a reader, Mr. Khemarak, received a positive response from the embassy’s minister counsellor when he emailed them about the case. Here is the emabssy’s email to Mr. Khemarak:

“Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for your email and tour concern. The Embassy of Malaysia has immediately reacted to the report upon receipt of the email. This matter is now being seriously perused by the Embassy.

Thank you.
Yours sincerely,

Minister Counsellor / Deputy Chief of Mission

Embassy of Malaysia

Phnom Penh, Cambodia”.

The embassy has just released a statement saying that after it received an email from Khmerization, it has taken swift action of making inquiry and by calling the concerned Cambodian maid immediately. The Khnmer-language statement said the Malaysian Embassy wishes to make a comment in regard to “the Kampuchea Thmey article published by Khmerization on 18th March” regarding the claims by a Cambodian maid that she was detained and abused by her Malyasian employer.

The embassy said it had talked to the concerned Cambodian maid on the phone which she has confirmed that she had been abused. The statement then went on to say that the embassy had advised the maid’s Cambodia-based and the Malaysia-based job agencies about her conditions.

The statement added that, in cooperations with relevant agencies in Malaysia, the authority had visited the Cambodian maid at her place of residence/work and provided her with essential assistance. The statement added that it promised to work closely with the Cambodian government and relevant agencies to protect Cambodian workers in Malaysia.

This is a very good and happy outcome for the concerned Cambodian maid because of the quick action of the Malaysian embassy as well as many sympathetic Khmerization readers. This has proved some people wrong as some readers have discounted her phone call as a prank after the Khnmerization article went to press.


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