There is no nuclear threat to Southeast Asia

Few hours ago, a Cambodian Facebooker reported about the last nuclear plant explosion in Japan due to the Sendai earthquake and tsunami. The Facebooker said that ‘radiation will spread over all Asian countries‘ and he goes further recommending ‘not get in contact with raining water, because it causes skin burns, cancer and lost of hair.’ However, it is a false alarm. According to nuclear experts from around the world, the level of radiation is too low to be so concern in countries outside Japan. The Japanese nuclear incident is not worst as it was the 1986 Chernobyl disaster or the 1979 partial meltdown of the Three Mile islands plant in United States. It is true that radiation can be transported by the wind, but the Japan Meteorological Agency declared that winds are blowing toward the Pacific Ocean. It means that no radiation will reach countries like Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia or Thailand so far. If it would reach our countries, the level of radiation is too low to cause harm to life.

The United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation through its general secretary, said to Reuters that there is not a serious public health issue at the moment. The evacuation of 140 thousand persons from the area of Fukushima is a measure of prevention, say the experts in nuclear power from different nations. Even the incident of 1979 in United States did not release a meaningful amount of radiation.

The World Health Organization by its part said also that the emision of radiation from the atomic plant in Fukushima is ‘quite low‘. The director of the Nuclear Power Plant Safety of Sweden said to Reuters that there is not problems for other countries.


5 thoughts on “There is no nuclear threat to Southeast Asia

  1. Where did you get your information? I too am planning on visiting Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos very soon in July. Just sending this blog post alone to my mom will probably not convince her that it is safe. (No offense to you, I believe you haha).

    • easy to calculate: Japan nuclear disaster is less serious than what it was Chernobyl. Second, Cambodia is far from Japan as England is far from Chernobyl.

  2. Hello. I am planning to visit Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam next month. Any risk there with the incident of Japan? This is the only good site I find that talks about it in relation to Indochina.

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