Raining comes and tourists go

Foreign tourism got down this month in the main tourist spots of Cambodia like Siem Reap, Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville. It is already the low season, while hotels and restaurants look for local clients to continue their business.

The first rains began in Sihanoukville a week ago putting and end to the already long dry time. Farmers in a province like Takeo – 48 miles at the south of Phnom Penh – reported that the heat was already damaging the trees and the level of waters was very low. It was due to El Niño (ENSO), that affected this year the Southeast Asian countries like Cambodia.

The wet season is expected to start in May, however, some showers use to happen in some regions of the country like the southern provinces.

Climate tends to be good this part of the year, because it fresher. But foreign visitors come during what it is called the high season after October.

This is the time for national tourism, the other option that is growing in a good level so far.

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