The Sihanokville symbol

Tao Pi Sihanoukville July 2014 by Leito Rango

The Tao Pi Monument in July 2014. Photo by Chan Bora.

Aspect of the renovated Tao Pi Monument in Sihanoukville (Two Lions Square.) The public administration includes new lights around the roundabout, redesigned the gardens – well… practically removed the gardens and put tiles – and gave more visibility to this monument that represents Sihanoukville. They mean the Royal Family of King Norodom Sihanoukville, the founder of the city that was the first big urban project to open the doors of Cambodia for international trade after the French colony. The construction of the only international sea port of the Kingdom began in 1955 in a jungled area that today is the 4th Cambodian city after Phnom Penh, Battambang and Siem Reap. King Norodom Sihanouk passed away on October 15, 2012 in Beijing. This month Cambodia marks the second anniversary of the Father of the Nation that has his perpetual memory in this port city.

Official visit to journalists’ school in Sihanoukville


HE Ao Saren with Fr. Ly Samnang and other representatives of the Sihanoukville Department of Information at the Don Bosco Social Communication and Journalism Section on July 2, 2014. Photo Courtesy CEN.

Sihanoukville. HE Ao Saren, Director of the Sihanouk Province Department of Information, paid a visit to the Social Communication and Journalism Section of the Don Bosco Technical School yesterday (07.02.2014) with all his team, including official media representatives for press, radio and television. The official was welcomed by Fr. Samnang (Albeiro Rodas), Fr. Eugene Xalxo, Don Bosco Sihanoukville Headmaster Mr. Ouch Sambo, Social Communication Manager King Mao, teachers, volunteers and students. Continue reading

Planning a travel to Cambodia

The boy and the ox in Siem ReapI am not a tourist agency and for this reason I have the duty to give some advices to those who want to plan a trip to Cambodia. Although this country seems small in the map, actually it’s not too small and it has more things than what you can imagine. Actually the official slogan “Kingdom of Wonder” is rather exact. Let us see some advices for your travel to our dear country. Continue reading

Cambodia since 1999, a video documentary

I share this video documentary by Teleantioquia about Cambodia. It is in Spanish, but you can understand most of the story. We are doubling it in Khmer and English… coming soon. A good resume of what is Cambodia, its history, Siem Reap, Phnom Penh, Kampot, Kep and Sihanoukville and how I see Cambodia since 1999.

Albeiro Rodas in Cambodia – Part 1, Teleantioquia, 2014.

Albeiro Rodas in Cambodia – Part 2, Teleantioquia, 2014.

Albeiro Rodas in Cambodia – Part 3, Teleantioquia, 2014.

Albeiro Rodas in Cambodia – Part 4, Teleantioquia, 2014.

Distributing development

A bigger Kep

A bigger Kep Province would mean a lost of about 25% of the Kampot territory, especially all the east area bordering Vietnam. Kompong Trach, Tus Meas and Angkor Chey would become a part of Kep.

Development is a very complex process that depends from many factors: from the political will to the compromise of enterprises, the foreign investment and the human resources and how people get the opportunities to improve their standard of life. Planning plays a very important role on it and it does not come from a single brain, especially it should not come from a single social group willing to impose their own conceptions of society or protecting their group’s interests. Territory administration is one of those elements that can play a good role in the way development is promoted in a population. In many occasions, territorial distribution must be altered in order to promote such development process.  Continue reading

Take care of thieves in Sihanoukville

Hello Albeiro! I send you the photo of the street where I was robbed. It is the same street of the well known Elvis Club. It was about 18h.

Hello Albeiro! I send you the photo of the street where I was robbed. It is the same street of the well known Elvis Club. It was about 18h ~ Mayte

Sihanoukville still a great place to visit and enjoy by sure. But as it attracts national and international tourism, it attracts also unwanted people (including certain foreigners with unfortunate behavior.) For this reason the better is prevention… Warning!!! Continue reading

Deaf Internet

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This month I got one of the most beautiful evidences of the importance of the internet in our time and how it is about inclusion. New technologies are changing the human history and it is not created for the power and enjoyment of minoritarian groups, but information and communication technologies are a human patrimony we must promote to reduce the global digital gapContinue reading

The huge NR3 hole at Prektong village was repaired

Kampot. The huge ‘canyon’ at the NR3, in Prektong Village, Tick Ta Commune, Prey Nub District (ភូមិព្រែកទង សង្កាតើទឺកថា) has been repaired, according to our observation at 5PM of today 3 August, less than 18 hours after we did this post. I wonder if it would be repaired at the same speed if it were in the Kampot territory.


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Spectacular canyon at the middle of National Headway 3

2 August 2012. The name National Headway 3 seems an ideal to reach than a fact. Evidently, it has improved along the last decade, but it is a very poor road. The contrast is the stunning hill headway built to reach the Bokor new casino. Continue reading

Sihanoukville Beaches

The beaches of Cambodia are enlisted among the most beautiful ones of the world by the Bays of the World’s club, according an official statement of the Ministry of Tourism.

The club is an international association dedicated to promote the protection of coastlines of the planet. Cambodia presented its beaches as candidates to the list on May 2010. Continue reading

Lonely… ‘Khmer’

Hua Hin. Visiting ‘Amazing Thailand‘ from the ‘Kingdom of Wonders.’ I got the 2010′s edition of Lonely Planet about Thailand (13th edition, January 2010) to read in my 12 hours bus travel from Sihanoukville to Bangkok. I have to recognize that I admire the work of Lonely Planet. It is real original and well documented. Then it is made upon the research of writers living or working in the country. The history of Thailand, according with this 2010 edition (p. 29-40), is a complete resume. I noticed only a great absent: Cambodia. Actually, it is a pity that the use of references is poor in the article. It is  said, for example, that a ‘modern linguistic theory and archaeological evidence‘  - which ones? – ‘suggest that the first true agriculturists in the world, perhaps also the first metal workers, spoke an early form of Thai and lived in what we know today as Thailand (p. 29).’ How can Lonely Planet say it? From where this conclusion came?  Continue reading

Learning the culture of discussion

Kep City. Creating a school of communication does not mean only to get rooms, cameras, computers and microphones. Tools are evidently important, but great reporters and communicators can manage even without a laptop. Schools need especially masters of the skill. Some weeks ago – February 15 – the students of social communication of the Don Bosco Vocational Center got a real special visit: Photojournalist Arjay R.J. Stevens, a German national based in Cambodia since 1996. Continue reading

Soccer at the sea side

Kep City. A soccer game between the teams of Sihanoukville and Kep was one f the ways to celebrate Christmas at the Don Bosco Vocational Center on December 25 afternoon. The game ended in a draw and went to penalties that gave the victory to Kep. The technical school invites groups of Kep and Kompot to challenge its soccer and volleyball teams, trained currently by Italian-Belgian coach Cassale. Contact the administration for any possible schedule. In January there is a program of rhythmic gymnastics for the afternoon.

Cambodian Christmas boom

One of my friends wrote to me an email from Phnom Penh:

‘This is great stuff BUT it’s strange to me why so much emphasis is placed on a Christian holiday in a supposedly Buddhist country.  When did this surge of celebrating Christmas (the birth of Christ) become popular in Sihanoukville? Was there an effort from the tourism ministry to promote the westerners holiday in Sihanoukville and Siem Reap? In the past there was no interest.’

It is true that this year the preparations for Christmas has been especially published in Siem Reap and Sihanoukville. Christmas concerts and festivals, Christmas gatherings in hotels and Christmas neon lights everywhere as it were the most Western country. The reply to this question is: all those stuff are not Christmas as the birth of Christ of course. All those stuff are far from the real Christmas Spirit. The goal is, evidently, to attract Western tourism and it means dollars and euros… It is therefore a business. By sure, most of those Cambodians preparing Christmas parties, do not have the most single idea of what they are celebrating or saying when they say ‘Merry Christmas’ or, as some students of mine write ‘Happy Merry Christmas.’

Sihanoukville 2-1 Kep: Don Bosco soccer friendly match

Kep (red) did keep the pressure on Sihanoukville the first 45 minutes, starting the game brightly.

Sihanoukville. Kep City as a visitor was convincing in the first time with a goal of Ty Tho, 22, a leading from Kompong Thom in the Don Bosco Oupram playground this evening. But the victory was for Sihanoukville with two goals connected by Huo, 19, a Takeo man, who is already a figure in the Sihanoukville local team. Kep did keep the pressure on Sihanoukville the first 45 minutes, starting the game brightly and was a goal only for 10 minutes by Ty Tho. Sihanoukville became disparate running to protect their camp from the Kep insistingly attacks. To the second time Huo was invited by the coach and the game changed with a more confident Sihanoukville that controlled the ball to put in twice to the bottom of the net by this local soccer figure.

Koh Puos, the Snake Island of Sihanoukville, has a bridge to development

Where there are not ethical principles, it is hardly to expect an authentic development.

All that is valuable in human society depends upon the opportunity for development accorded the individual.
Albert Einstein

Read more: RFA: ‘Russian Pedophile Pardoned On Government Request

Young people talk about the Case 002′s first hearing

Sihanoukville (06.27.2011). Students of the social communication & journalism department of the Don Bosco Technical School followed the first hearing of Case 002 for the prosecution of four surviving senior leaders of the Democratic Kampuchea regime (1975-1979). Continue reading

Japanese Aikido’s master to open club in Sihanoukville

Sihanoukville. Japanese Aikido’s master Kaneko Shinichi, a volunteer based in Cambodia, will give a demonstration of this Japanese martial art at the Khmer University of Technology and Management, KUTM, of the city port. Aikido means the Way of Unifying Life Energy and it is developed as a practice to self-defense and protection of others from attackers. Pradal Srey, the Cambodian martial arts, is widely practiced in the country, although some foreigner martial arts like Taekwondo are present in the Cambodian post-Khmer Rouge era. In Sihanoukville, a city without an authentic sport vocation, there is already a Taekwondo club leaded by Korean Christian groups at the Leu Market. Kaneko Shinichi is going to do his opening Aikido demonstration this Sunday at 9 AM to promote the participation of young people at his lessons with a cheap fee: 20,000 riels for Cambodians, 60,000 riels for foreigners and free for persons coming from KUTM or NGO schools. Cambodians can attend Aikido lessons on Wednesdays at 16:00, 17:00, 18:00 and 19:00, foreigners on Fridays at 16:00, 17:00, 18:00 and 19:00 and KUTM students and NGOs on Sundays at 8:00 and 9:30. Number phone for more information and