Don’t cut jail term for pedophile Karl Heinz Henning Opitz

Don't cut jail term for pedophile Karl Heinz Henning Opitz

An online petition has been created to request the back of the reduced sentence.

On 17th July a Cambodian court reduced the jail sentence of Karl Heinz Opitz, 66, to 10 years. The 2007 sentence gave him a 28 years in jail for getting girls as young as 10 into his apartment. The girls were provided by human traffickers. He used to tie the girls up, whip and rape them while filming and taking photos until 4 consecutive hours.

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Lidia Linde, a hero in child protection

Lidia Linde in Heros

I invite you to read this profile of Lidia Linde Ginesta (Ma Lidia), portrayed by Unsung Heroes Compassion. Just in the middle of many denounces of fake orphanages in Cambodia that are only facades for hidden business using poor children, we need to look up real and transparent experiences and, who more than real and transparent than Lidia. If someone has any doubt of who is she, just walk into her Siem Reap office and check any possible book, contact any of her donors and know her story, far from fiction and full of heroicity.  Continue reading

The pot of milk scam in Siem Reap

A girl about 12 sits down near the entrance of a supermarket near the Pub Street. She holds in her arms a sleeping baby, observing with attention the foreign customers coming inside the supermarket. It is around 8PM in Siem Reap and the girl gives special gazes to women with children. A woman with two boys leaves the supermarket. Her children hold big packages of chips and cold sodas. Suddenly, the way of the three is cut by the girl, who looks to the eyes of the foreign lady with tenderness. The baby of her arms does not seem disturbed but in a deep sleep. “Ma’am, give me food for my brother, give me a pot of milk, ma’am,” she says in a very fluent English.  Continue reading

An agricultural technical center to fight child labor in Battambang

Don Bosco Battambang 2013Battambang. It is common to see several constructions sites in modern Cambodia. It is as the former war destruction is already over and everyone is building something to recover the lost time. Unfortunately, the building of schools, hospitals and community areas is much less than the fever for hotels, restaurants, casinos and resorts. Unemployed young people find easily jobs in construction this time, but in many occasions many of those workers are as young as 7 and 10 years old. In Battambang it can be also a norm to see children in construction sites and the brick factories. Continue reading

Shocking accident in Phnom Penh kills children

The country is now following the development of a horrific accident in the streets of Phnom Penh that kills at least two children and let ten other persons with serious injures this weekend. It is not yet satisfactory the explanations of the family of Miss Bised Marita, 22, who was driving her Camery car number ‘Phnom Penh 2R:5008′  at about 2PM of Friday. Marita is a student of medicine and it seems that she was bringing two young brothers with her. The mother said this morning to the press that her daughter has mental problems. Nine motorbikes, 4 bicycles, 3 children killed and ten persons in the hospital is the result of what first published as a woman that lost control of her car in the busy streets of the capital. A Camery coming from the Independence Monument hit first two motorbikes in front to the Thai Embassy, along the Preah Norodom Boulevard in the Chamkamom District. Other four motorbikes followed by the uncontrolled car. When she seemed to realized what was happening at the corner of the 466’s street, in front to he Ministry of Interior, witnesses say she tried to escape, then she hit other six motorbikes and then 6 child students in bicycles, two of them dying at the spot.

Event under development, wait for updates…

An Al Jazeera documentary on Cambodian’s orphan business

Juliana Ruhfus of the Al Jazeera‘s People & Power program gets into the evident fake of several Cambodian orphanages using children and volunteers to get profit. She discovers for example that many of these centers do not complaint with the law, neither with the minimum conditions to guarantee the safety and healthy growing of the children they argue to protect. Foreign volunteers are brought to these centers without requiring criminal records, while other centers are in connection with tourist agencies to put their orphanages as tourist destinations. Good work from Al Jazeera! See the video documentary this link.

Eradicating hunger and child mortality, national campaign

To guarantee an appropriate nutrition to Cambodian children is one of the keys to overcome poverty in the country.

Phnom Penh.  Trying to reduce malnutrition in children aged six to 24, the Cambodian Government, with UNICEF, USAID-Cambodia and the World Health Organization (WHO-Cambodia), among others institutions, launched in March a national campaign to ensure an adequate complementary food and breast milk.

‘By seeking to improve complementary feeding for children 6 to 24 months we are addressing one of the major barriers to Cambodia reaching its full potential in the future – the healthy development of its children,’ said UNICEF Deputy Representative Sunah Kim. Continue reading

Court of Siem Reap suspended case against Ms Linde

Siem Reap (Updated 12.11.2011). The President and Creator of Together for Cambodia, Lidia Linde, announced today in her Facebook that the court of Siem Reap suspended the case against her for misappropriation that was forwarded by a group of persons who claim the defense of the previous COF Organization. The Criminal Case will not proceed, she announced, although the group can appeal the sentence. ‘For me is a breath of fresh air and peace after 14 months fighting’, said the Spaniard citizen that protects 40 minors in her center where they receive education and professional attention. Continue reading

Health ministry warns against possible outbreaks of dengue

Phnom Penh. The Ministry of Health of Cambodia warned this week against possible outbreaks of dengue due to the rainy season. ‘It is difficult to predict dengue outbreaks, but according to our experience, we just think that this year there may be an epidemic,’ said Ngan Chantha, director of the Health Ministry’s national control and quoted by the Cambodia Daily on Wednesday. Dengue fever stills a big issue in Cambodia, affecting especially rural areas and poor communities. Continue reading

Cambodia’s orphanages target the wallets of well-meaning tourists

This article of Robert Carmichael in Phnom Penh and published by Khmerization, calls the attention of how some persons live in Cambodia from charity and they are not precisely ‘Cambodians’ and not precisely ‘poors’… Let’s read it…

The Cambodian government has started inspecting more than 250 orphanages after it was revealed that most of the country’s 12,000 orphans have at least one living parent. The government said that until the assessment is completed, it had no idea whether the children were being cared for properly. Continue reading

Briton to be extradited to Cambodia on rape charges

A Thai court was favorable to a Cambodian request of extradition to David John Fletcher, a British citizen of 65 years old that had a children’s charity center and is accused of rape charges, according to The Bangkok Post. Fletcher was arrested and charged in Cambodia, but he managed to escape to Thailand last August. He denied the accusation and said that he is a victim of a group of influential people with whom he did not want to cooperate in money-laundering. He even said that he was threaten to dead. The Thai criminal court did not find the claims of Fletcher of enough weight and order his extradition to Phnom Penh.

HIV Parade in Sihanoukville

Sihanoukville. Mlop Tapang, an organization that leads programs for the protection of street children in the city port, celebrated the first HIV Parade from 24 to 26 of February to raise awareness about this sickness that has victimized thousands of Cambodians in the last decades, especially children and women. The parade included educational moments like the use of condom and the need of protection in the case of any sexual relation. Some organizations and companies joined the cause of Mlop Tapang like the Cambodian airports, Ezecom, Sovereing, ANZ Royal, Total Station, Coolabah Resort Hotel and Regent School Sihanoukville. Last Thursday the program began at 15:00 at the central market (Psah Leu) with the participation of the Mlop Tapang girls vocal center, circus, dance and perfomances of the children included in the project of the local NGO. There were also six children and youth bands like Sue, Lok Krus (teachers’), BTB, Epic Arts and Band Plus, among others. Friday the appointment was at the old bus station (now a growing gathering park). Saturday was the last day with a big motor parade cars of the male tranining center. Sihanoukville, the third more important city of Cambodia, became a prey of child sexual tourism in the last decade, a situation that attracted also several organizations like Mlop Tapang that has invested in children and families to protect, prevent and follow cases of child and women abuse. Other organizations in the city join the campaing to make the city port a safe place for children, youth and women, especially in education and prevention.

Report and photos by Chhin Sieng, Don Bosco News Agency

Please join campains to prevent children and women abuse in Cambodia.

Children are not ‘tourist destination’

If you notice anything suspicious in which a child could be a victim of sexual or labor abuse, do not hesitate to contact the authorities. The child cannot do it.

Child Abuse/Exploitation Police Hotline:

Condom saves you… protect yourself, protect others…

Help a Cambodian child to guarantee his or her future… donate to Don Bosco Children Fund Sihanoukville

The Occheuteal Pedestrian Beach opens

Sihanoukville – A kilometer pedestrian beach along Occheutel is the new feature in town this month. Works to complete it began early year and now it changes the face of the most popular beach in town. Continue reading

‘NGO’ Tourism… take it with care

How to let the coins on the right hand? Surely this would be regarded as a new concept, something like NGO Tourism. Maybe this will be the first article – and even it could be the last, to mention such a concept. However, there are many types of tourism: adventure, eco-tourism, geo-tourism, medical, rural, sex and even space tourism. I propose then to talk about NGO Tourism, its benefits and limits.

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